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Code 024- Video Production and Distribution with Oliver Sutro

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Video Production and Distribution

Oliver Sutro shares some background on the dos and donts of Video Production.  We talk about why you should be thinking about distribution above video production when starting out.  We talk about why you should be spending more on distribution then on the production when starting out.

We talk about how to put together a great video whether you have $5000 or $100 to promote a video add.  We use the example of what you do if you want to get a new sponsor for your brand.


Show Notes with Oliver Sutro

01:40 – Here’s a link to Oliver’s personal youtube channel.  He has since gone on to do some big stuff including producing high priced Super Bowl Ads.

04:15 – I noted the podcast with Bella Vasta on Facebook Groups and how to grow your group.  Click below and listen to the Bella Vasta Podcast:

16:30 – Oliver notes the Yeti presents series and why we just want to hang out with that crew.

20:15 – I note the audiogram tool and the benefit to podcasting.  Headliner is a great company for this service.  

21:00 – The Meat Eater Podcast does a good job of creating funny grabby intros to catch the audience and is one of the big outdoor podcasts in the space.

23:00 – Eric Nuzum was on the podcast in episode 10 here and noted Terry Gross and how nobody knows her.

25:10 – Here’s the link to the 150th episode celebration at the end of the WFS podcast with Ahrex Hooks.

27:40 – Here is the Cloris Kylie podcast on Influencer Marketing.

28:40 – Beyond Influencer Marketing is a great book by Cloris Kylie.

49:20 – We talk about Casey Neistat and the Nike commercial.

54:30 – I noted Chris Snyder who is a new guide who wants to go all in.  Here is Chris’ Instagram feed.


You can find Oliver on Instagram @OliverSutro


Top Tips on Video Production 

  1. Spend more on distribution when starting out
  2. Use your phone to get started
  3. Story is king
  4. make it relatable or funny to grow your audience
  5. Always have your camera and always be shooting video
  6. Watch youtube but also implement and test out
  7. Capture the funny and relatable moments
  8. choose a passion to help with rejection


Resources Noted in the Show

Beyond Influencer Marketing book


Final Cut Pro


Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

Meat eater podcast


Casey Neistat Nike video



Top Tip, Tool and Takeaway

Tip:  choose something you are passionate about

Tool:  Final Cut Pro or Premier are great and divinchi resolve

Takeaway:  Do what you want


“I want to hang out with this person.”

-Oliver Sutro

video production

Conclusion with Oliver Sutro

Oliver Sutro shares his background in video production and how you can create engaging videos for your business that tell a story about the experience.  Oliver shares some great stories about a super bowl ad he produced as well as the almost failure with a drone shoot.  Oliver ends up roping up an

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