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Code 025- Copywriting Tips for Your Business with Prerna malik

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Copywriting Tips for Your Business

Prerna Malik describes how she first got into copy writing after moving over from her first Mommy blog.  She is now one of the leading copywriting experts and shares the steps to up your game and help your audience take action.

We find out the difference between good and bad copy.  Prerna helps your audience see themselves in your product.  She breaks down the exact steps to creating a survey that serves your business. 


Show Notes with Prerna Malik

10:45 – We talked about crypto currency and one of prerna’s recent clients.  Here’s a little background on Crypto Currency.

26:00 – Prerna created surveys for Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income.

41:45 – Joanna of copy hackers is the OG and has certified Prerna.

43:30 – CopyHackers.com has a great resource to show you how much to pay for a certain project.

44:30 – The copyWriterclub.com podcast is a great place to find people.

48:00 – Grammarly and Hemingway App. are two great resources for improving your writing.

50:20 – Ready to Sell is Prerna’s new program that is coming out in September.


You can find Prerna at ContentBistro.com

copywriting tips


Great Copywriting tips

  1. Make your audience feel confident to take action
  2. Help put yourself in your customers shoes
  3. Entertain, engage, educate
  4. What does your audience want to hear
  5. Walk in prospect shoes with interviews, polls
  6. Surveys, interviews, Polls
  7. Talk about why you have the credibility, experience, expertise
  8. Listen to the conversations your prospects are having
  9. Grammary and Hemingway
  10. Write like you would speak to someone face to face

Copywwriting tips for your home page

  1. Use testimonials
  2. Be clear who you are for and who you are not for
  3. Put a face to the name
  4. Use the coffee shop analogy and be conversational
  5. Show your personality
  6. Use conversion strategies to catch leads


How to setup a survey to help create good copy

  1. You don’t need a bunch of questions
  2. Every question should be tied to what you want to get out of business.
  3. Example –  What inspired you to start a podcast, creates struggle
  4. Who else are you learning from or who is your competition
  5. Make sure every question you are asking is tied to a goal
  6. Needs to be intentional survey otherwise don’t do it
  7. Do a week or 10 days only
  8. Look for patterns in the survey
  9. Need a minimum of 50 survey responses


How to Create a winning home page

  1. Make first experience to page amazing
  2. talk about why you i.e. your in the right place if……
  3. Make clear who you are for and who you are not for
  4. Put face to the name if you are small
  5. Show you unique personally
  6. Best 5 episodes are your lead magnet


Resources Noted in the Show

Connection Conversion Framework


right message

Right Message will help you with feedback


Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

How to create an evergreen funnel



prerna malik


Conclusion with Prerna Malik

Prerna Malike share her best tips for improving your copy writing today on the podcast.  Sales and email copy is what Prerna specializes in.  She talks about the user journey and how this helps guide the number of emails you should be using.

Evergreen funnels are discussed and how you can find a great copy writer for your business.  We talk about a number of great resources including Right Message which will help you serve your audience.

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