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Code 039 – How to Use Audio Transcription to Text with Podscribe’s Peter Birsinger

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Introduction with Peter Birsinger and Podscribe

The Founder of Podscribe, Peter Birsinger is here to show us how to utilize their Audio Transcription to Text service to help serve your podcast audience and get more Google love via SEO.

There are a few different services out there that help you transcribe your audio but none that are solely focused on podcasting.  I’m excited to jump in to this episode with you and Pete.  Let’s do it!



Audio Transcription to Text Show Notes with Peter Birsinger

03:05 – Podible was the first company that Pete started in the podcast space.



06:55 – Kris Reed was on the podcast in episode 30 and noted that putting a transcript on your podcast is not the best move for SEO.

09:00 – The NPR this American life ep where posting transcripts on their website increased page views.

40:20 – Headliner is a great audio gram company.



You can find Pete at Podscribe.com





Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

Headliner audiogram



Here’s the full Transcript from this episode



pete birsinger

Audio Transcription to Text Conclusion

Peter Birsinger, the main guy behind Podscribe, summarizes all of the features and benefits for your business.  Podscribe is an audio transcription to text service focused on podcasting.


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