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Code 038 – Super Joe Pardo on Podcast Sponsors and the Independent Podcasters Conference

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Introduction with Super Joe Pardo and Podcast Sponsors

Super Joe Pardo is here to break down some tips on finding podcast sponsors for your business with a focus on building a community.  We also hear the story of how he made the tough decision to leave a multi-million dollar family business to start his own thing.

We start talking about monetizing your podcast at 38:00.  So if you want to find out how to find sponsors then listen to the second half of this podcast around the 40 minute mark.  Joe shares some tips on getting out of your own way to grow your business.

Show Notes with Super Joe Pardo 

01:40 – The Independent Podcasters University

13:44 – Steve Sims was on the podcast and shared the story of not wanting to go into the family business in exchange for eventually helping billionaires get things done.

15:40 – Sales Won’t Save Your Business is the book that took the longest for Joe to produce.

22:30 – Joe noted the Entrepreneurs on fire podcast.  JLD was on our podcast and broke down the steps to monetizing your podcast.

36:20 – The business geeks podcast is another show that Joe has going with two other co-hosts.

37:20 – Dave Jackson was on the podcast and talked about getting started with podcasting.

38:40 – I noted the Wet Fly Swing Podcast and the challenges of monetizing a podcast.

39:20 – Fish Nerds and Glenn the Geek

You can find Joe at SuperJoePardo.com

Top Tips to Monetize Podcast Sponsors

  1. Get away from editing your podcast and use this time to market it
  2. Get really good at podcasting first
  3. numbers don’t lie
  4. Don’t be afraid to play with the metrics
  5. the team, the offer and the process for your company

Resources Noted in the Show

The Business Geeks Podcast

business geeks podcast

Sales won’t save your business

joe pardo

Videos in the Show

Podcast Growth with Joe Pardo

“We Get in our own way.  We find a way to self sabotage.”

-Joe Pardo

The Full Podcast Transcript from this Episode


super joe pard


Conclusion with Super Joe Pardo Podcast Sponsors

Super Joe Pardo shares his story of leaving the family business to go all in on his own podcasting path.  We  talk about some of the books Joe has written and how to bring a side hustle into a full-time business.

We dig into some tips on monetizing your podcast with a focus on sponsors.  Head to the 40:00 mark in the episode to listen to a few of these tips.

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