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Code 030 – How to Use SEO to Rank #1 in Google with Kris Reid

Kris Reid is here today to break down the steps to ranking your website and how to use SEO to get to #1 in google organic search.  Kris works with some of the biggest and best businesses online and shares some of the big tips in todays podcast.


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How to Use SEO to Rank Your Website

Kris Reid walks you through the exact steps to ranking your site using SEO today on the podcast.  He is also offering listeners of this podcast a free review of your website and coaching session.

We find out how you can have too many blogposts which confuses google, and how to create great site structure.  Do not use a transcript for the blog post.

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, also know as SEO, is the act of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website using organic google search traffic.

Kris Reid digs deeper today into the steps of using SEO to rank your website now and into the future.  Kris notes that unlike paid traffic, SEO is for the longterm and once you build it, the traffic keeps growing day after day.

Show Notes with Kris Reid

04:30 – Don Miller at Story Brand

08:00 – Ahrefs is a great tool for SEO – 91% of content gets no traffic because no back links.  And if you are on position #10 your page gets 3% of clicks for 30% of clicks if you are number 1.  We are going for number 1 today.

18:30 – I interviewed the Rick Pope, the founder of TFO here.  Fly Rods is not a great keyword to use and we dig into how to rank this podcast.  We discuss the the long tail and buyer intent.  It’s hard to out rank the company.

25:00 – We talk about a single page optimization and how they add internal links to help the new page rank better.

25:50 – How to get more customers online – The Mike Mechowitz podcast that Kris ranked.

You can find Kris Reid at ArdoSeo.com

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Top search engine optimization 101 – Top Steps

  1. Always do keyword research before writing or podcasting
  2. Create good site structure for your website
  3. You Need back links to rank your website
  4. Think about the Search intent of your customer
  5. De index thin content 3/4 of JLD blog posts were de-indexed because of thin content
  6. Increase your quality score
  7. Improve your sight structure
  8. Don’t use a transcript for your blog post
  9. You need better content and more back links than the other pages
  10. What are buying keywords, not generic keywords
  11. type site: + [your URL] to see which post are listed and if keyword targeted
  12. Use Site: [your website url] + keyword
  13. Create the sales money page and use blog posts to drive traffic there


Search Engine Optimization Ranking Resources

Profit First – Mike Michalowicz

search engine optimization SEO videos

SEO for Beginners

How to Use SEO Conclusion with Kris Reid

We hear about the story of how and why you need to improve your SEO right now.  SEO is the best way to track your digital marketing.  SEO is compounding compared to paid ads. 

We find out how and why you need to get backlinks for your blog post and website.  Kris Reid is here to break down the steps to utilizing SEO to grow your business.  We find out how to get traffic from google by understanding what your customers are searching for.

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