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Code 029 – Top Audio Noise Reduction Software – Launch, Grow, and Monetize a Podcast Series

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Introduction to Audio Noise Reduction for Podcast 

This is the 3rd podcast episode in our launch a podcast series with a focus on We Speak Trout.  On top of other items noted in this podcast, I talk about two services that are great for cleaning up your audio file that helps with audio noise reduction.

Show Notes – Audio Noise Reduction

03:40 – I note libysn who is the host we use

Tasks this week for We Speak Trout:

  1. Create a jingle
  2. Create artwork
  3. Find voice over person
  4. Ad files
  5. sponsor email template
  6. LLC

Audio Noise Reduction Software

  1. Auphonic
  2. Hindenburg Journalist Pro

Resources Noted

  • 30 Day start a podcast challenge
audio noise reduction

Click here to grab the PDF Podcast Transcript

Grab the PDF transcript here:  we speak 3 or read below (I apologize for any errors as this was transcribed with Ai.

Dave S 0:21
Hey, how’s it going everyone, Dave here back again. And I am going to be this week going through a little summary of where we’re at. It’s early on. So I just want to give you a heads up, run this start a podcast challenge launching, we speak trout.

And the heads up here is that we are kind of, we’re doing everything but I’m not really documenting everything necessarily along the way. We’re kind of doing abunch during the week. And then I’m doing a summary. So quickly, before I get into our tasks for the week, I just want to go through a summary.

Again, this is the 30 day start a podcast challenge, I’ll have a link in the show notes that you can take a look and walk through the steps just again. So we know some of this, we’ve covered some we haven’t. So we go all the way back to day one, three tips for choosing a topic which we’ve done, our topic is trout fishing. Step two or day two is how to choose your target listener. You know, again, there’s some information there some tips, our target list listener is a essentially a person that loves trout fishing, we haven’t gone into super depth on creating an avatar, something we can follow up with if needed. Step three is how to choose your podcast title, which we did a Greg and I talked about that and the title is going to be very straightforward. Basically, we speak trout. No podcast and that’s going to be basically it to keep branding smooth. Number four, description which we did this last week, Greg actually wrote out a really nice description. So we got that all ready to go. Again, there’s tips here, if you want to do your own description. Number five is podcast artwork. So that is one of our tasks this week is Greg is going to be working. Some of his staff are going to be working on that. Number six is choose your format. So essentially, we already know this is going to be more interview style. Greg and I kind of bantering a little bit. So that’s the format, they seven podcast gear. So this is the one thing right now I’m speaking in a Samson, Samson q2, which is one of the best microphones for under 100 bucks, I’ve been looking to find a good one. Maybe something a little higher price that maybe has a different sound, but I need I like to have the USB and the XLR. So the Samson has that it’s lightweight, so it just kind of kicks. So I guess if you have a mic that has both of those, let me know. Another note on the gear you need headphones. Obviously a computer and then the remote recording. If you are recording remotely, you got to find a software that will take care of that. So there are a number of different solutions, even zoom. I know some people use zoom squad cast I use Skype with Call Recorder. So the gear is pretty straightforward. So let’s keep moving on. We’re on the number eight, which is hosting. So I use Lipson I love Lipson they’ve been around they’re the longest hosting company for podcasting that’s out there. So really trust they have no limits on the other storage, which is great. So if you’re if your podcast blows up, you don’t have to worry about that you’ll be good. So that’s hosting in roughly that’ll cost you know anywhere between five and $15 a month depending on what you do. So I need to set that up. I haven’t started that that’s going to go actually a little bit later in our workflow we’re not going to get to that right now. Number nine, record your first episode, which we haven’t but we should probably get that on should probably get Greg on just have an episode of us talking for we speak trout, maybe just talking about what it is that might be. I’m gonna put a note here. Okay, and 1010 is remote guest podcast recording options. So I guess I just talked about this a little bit ago. The best option I didn’t talk about this. So the best option for remote remote recording is if you can record on your end and your guest records on there and so like when Greg and I do it, he’s going to record on his I’m going to record on mine, probably into a zoom h6 or road caster de 11 set up your studio and test the audio So again, you want to make sure you’re 10 ready to go, you’re testing things. One tip here. I don’t use this anymore because I have I use Hindi Hindenburg Journalist Pro, which is I really love for editing, definitely check it out if you want to pay for a service that provides really good.

I was going to note here you have, if you have issues with noise, they have a really nice noise canceling feature. But off phonic, if you want to pay for that, you can actually if you’re having issues with noise background that will filter out a lot of that stuff. And then on day 12, we’re almost there wrapping up for today. The voiceover intro. So again, that’s on my task list. I’m just going to run through really quick for me, this week, create a jingle, please get that going. And also the voice over person, and the music. So the jingle and the person. That’s kind of my big thing this week, really to get going. And then Greg is going to be getting some of the ad files ready. And some of the swag stuff and email templates for sponsors. Those are Greg’s two things. So we kind of tuned to I guess our virtual assistant is doing the podcast artwork, which there are some notes there on that as well. A couple of tips. As soon as I hear I can’t ignore that as Exactly. But on to day 13 is is the podcast jingle. And I do have a link to a podcast area, another 26 places to find jingles. So I do have a big resource there if you want to find different companies who provide that. And I think that’s about it. 14 is, Oh, I just talked about that. Choose your audio editing software. And maybe we will go into that a little bit next time and talk about editing. What you need to know, as far as editing, I mean, I guess in a nutshell, the best thing to do with with editing is to record so you don’t have any noises you have to edit out. You know what I mean? So I’ve had some of these where you can just spend a great podcast, you just roll and at the end, you’re kind of good to go. And you can just publish it. After you know, obviously bringing it into the add your intro and outro stuff like that. So yeah, that’s a good tip, try to get in a quiet place, get your guests in a quiet place to do it. Day 14 is the ID three, I think I’ll save this stuff. I think I’ll save day 14 1516 somewhere in there. As as kind of the next step. So, so I’m gonna leave it off there. I’m gonna keep the skin this one short. We’re trying to keep these under 10 minutes. So we’re doing a good job. That’s what I have for now. I’ll let you know how it goes. Hopefully I’m just going to start late this week. So hopefully if Greg can get going as well. We’re going to be we’re going to be getting this thing rolling episode before you know. All right. We’ll see you. We’ll see on the next one.

unknown speaker…. 8:07
Thanks for joining us today and for your support of the marketing podcast. If you found this podcast helpful, please share it with one other person and leave a rating and review on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to the show.

Audio Noise Reduction Conclusion

I share a couple of our tasks that are do this week as part of our start a podcast launch of the We Speak Trout podcast.  I share one of the best audio noise reduction tips that I know of.  We are working through the process to launch the new show.

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