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The Art of Making Things Happen

Find out how Steve Sims became the guy that can make anything happen.  This includes getting a guy up on stage with the band Journey, connecting with Elon Musk, the Pope, Guns and Roses and many other famous people.  Steve shares the secret of how he went from a construction career to a career making things happen with some amazing people.

Steve uses the travel fly fishing company example to show how to utilize his teaching to grow your leads.  Although you don’t have to be the best you have to be different.


Show Notes with Steve Sims

02:24 – I noted Steve’s book Bluefishing which had a huge impact on me and was a great story.

03:05 – Steve’s podcast:  The Art of Making things happen is a great place to connect with Steve.

15:20 – Subscribe to Steve’s newsletter to get the cheat sheet.

35:00 – Steve worked with Elton John for 8 years with a focus on his Oscar party.  Here’s the Yellow Brick Road Tour.

57:45 – The Entrepreneurs Advantage – Steve’s private facebook group.


You can find Steve at SteveDSims.com

steve d sims


Steve’s Tips to Make Things Happen for Your Business

  1. Find a client and solve their problem
  2. What are you the solution to?
  3. Focus on getting one client first
  4. Are you aspirational or are you a solution
  5. Work on the impact of your product
  6. Give away for free or highly discounted
  7. People don’t dream big enough
  8. The why can steer the planet
  9. Ask why 3 times


How to Create a Travel Fly Fishing Company

  1. Look at your competition first
  2. Get top 10 Travel agencies on a list
  3. What is difference between each one
  4. Put yourself in shoes of your avatar
  5. Top 10 locations in the world to fish and then die
  6. Don’t ask client where the top places are
  7. Think about the problem and provide solution before your client knows what it is.
  8. Dream beyond you
  9. Will I create the best cocktail story?
  10. Do something different for specific person


Resources Noted in the Show

Bluefishing – Steve’s Book




Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

A Classic Elton Song


“Your Network is Your Net Worth.”

-Steve Sims


bluefishing steve sims

Conclusion with Steve Sims

Steve D Sims who wrote the great book, Bluefishing.  Find out how a brick layer became one of the most successful people working with the biggest names in the world.  Steve is know as the guy who can get anything done and has connected people to the pope, Elton John, Journey and many other mega names.

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