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Introduction with Jay Abraham

The great Jay Abraham is on the podcast to shed some light on the right strategy for your business.  Billionaire Jay Abraham has been noted as one of the top 5 business coaches in the world. 

We transfer Jay’s power into a fly fishing discussion with a focus on the Native Rod Company and some tips to help a company like this plan strategically.  We also hear how Jay built a relationship with Tony Robbins and leveraged his audience to make millions.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur Podcast

jay abraham

Click here and read the Forbes article and a little more of Jay Abraham’s background in business

jay abraham

Show Notes with Jay Abraham

03:24 – Jay notes the Strategy of Preeminence which is one of the accomplishments he’s most proud of.

04:45 – I noted the Native Rod Company.  Jay shares some tips on positioning as it relates to a fly fishing company like Native.

13:00 – We talk about guerrilla marketing but Jay notes Leverage marketing as a better strategy.

17:00 – Joseph Rossano was on the Wet Fly Swing Podcast in episode 136 here.

17:20 – The Tony Robbins podcast with Jay Abraham

27:00 – We talk about the lifetime value of your client and the power of a lifetime client.

29:27 – Jay notes Icy Hot and his strategy to help save a dying business based on life time value.

You can find Jay at Jay Abraham here.

jay abraham


Highlights from the Jay Abraham Podcast

  1. People don’t buy things, they buy the benefit, joy, enhancement, etc
  2. What is it about your rod that makes it stand out?
  3. Find your target customer
  4. perfection, precision, outcome
  5. Leverage marketing – Who controls the audience
  6. Create a systematized process for getting referrals
  7. Life time value of a customer


Resources Noted in the Show

The Tony Robbins podcast with Jay Abraham

tony robbins

The Strategy of preeminence

Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

Leverage Referrals 

“If you can define the problem better than your target customer, they will automatically assume you have the solution.”

-Jay Abraham


Conclusion with Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham is on the podcast today and shares his perspective on Leverage marketing and how this helps you avoid risk.  We hear the story of how Jay worked with Tony Robbins, who today makes $85,000 per year for Tony’s mastermind group.

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