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Code 033 – We Speak Trout Podcast Update – Launch, Grow, and Monetize a Podcast Series

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Introduction to the We Speak Trout Podast:

This is the 5th episode in the we speak trout podcast launch public process. We are securing our hosting and getting more episodes ready to go this week.

Show Notes  

01:00 – Go to outdoorsOnline.co/podcastchallenge

01:20 – Clay from  the Fish Nerds Podcast was on the podcast

05:30 – Nick from Hindenburg Journalist was on the podcast to talk about audio editing

07:30 – I noted the 30 day start a podcast challenge.  OutdoorsOnline.com/PodcastChallenge

What we Completed last week

  • Fish nerds episode is ready to go
  • We finished the podcast artwork
we speak trout
  • We also completed the logo
we speak trout

Tasks this week for We Speak Trout:

  1. Setup a bank for the business that works for US and Canada.
  2. Setup hosting through Libsyn before the end of the year.
  3. We own WeSpeakTrout.com – Need to setup the WordPress website
  4. Get 8 podcast recorded, edited and ready to roll

Resources Noted

  • 30 Day start a podcast challenge
We Speak Trout


Click here to grab the PDF Podcast Transcript

Grab the PDF transcript here:  We Speak Trout Ep. 5 or read below (I apologize for any errors as this was transcribed with Ai).

Dave S 0:23
Hey there, how is it going today, I’m going to be digging into another summary episode of The we speak trout podcast launch. This is where we’re documenting the step by step steps to launching a new brand new podcast and getting it, to monetize it and rank it. So this is pretty fun. We’re, we’re working our way through I’m going to jump into this a sec, I want to talk about a couple of tips here. But before I do, I just wanted to highlight the podcast challenge. If you go to outdoors, online.co slash podcast challenge, you can get the 3030 day kind of step by step challenge there. And you can kind of walk through some of the steps that I’ve been I’ve been talking about here today. So first of all, I just want to start off and look at last week what we had going. So basically, we did get a couple of things accomplished, we have the first couple episodes rain and roll, including one with the fish nerds, oh clay, our boy clay grows. We had a good chat there. And then Greg and I got the intro episode completed. Greg also finished the artwork, we’ve actually got some really cool looking artwork that I’m excited to share. Maybe if I get a chance, I’ll put it in the in the show notes for this. But it’s basically a couple of cartoon characters, myself and Greg, which is pretty funny. And then the logo kind of goes right along with that. So. So that’s kind of what we had going, you know, a few of the things from last week. Now I want to dig into kind of what we have going on this week. But before I do, let’s jump into the fun fact of the week. For all those out there who are headlamp headlamp freaks, which is pretty much me, I kind of wear a headlamp, you probably didn’t know this, but kind of like 24 seven. You know, I guess mostly when it’s dark, sometimes when it’s light, but I just kind of like wearing a headlamp, it’s almost like camping, right? You always got it on there. So instead of going through the house, turning on lights, things like that, I’ll just I’ll just flip on the headlamp. It’s always handy in my truck. I’ve turned into dark mode. So the lights don’t come on when you open the doors, which is actually a cool feature. Another another little bonus Fun fact, if you ever want to keep if you’re at campgrounds you’re tired of the lights coming on. I think most cars probably have this thing. It’s like it’s called dark mode. dark mode. So it’s like the police and their mode. So

So yeah, but but but the the lights. So I just wanted to highlight that I’m kind of I’ve got I don’t know how many lights I have, I’ve got pencil I’ve got, you know, I’ve got a bunch of lights. So if you need a headlamp or if you’re a headlamp company, or know of a company you want us to sponsor, just give a shout out so so there you go. That’s the random kind of fun fact of the day, if you have also a fascination with headlamps reach out to me, Dave at outdoors online deco. But let’s get into the test tasks this week, and talk about what we go. And so this was something that I’ve been needing to get done. I did a little bit of research last night, but we need to set up a bank. And this is a bank, the most important thing since we have a US and US citizen and a Canadian, we need something that where we can transfer money easily. And so again, I did a little research, I was having a hard time I looked at like Citibank, TD Bank, a few other ones. And none of them I don’t know, I just wasn’t quite sure which one to go. So if you know anything about a good bank, that allows, you know, kind of inner, you know, kind of inner state or inner country sort of things International. Yes. Is the better word. Yeah, let me know, reach out, let me know. So that’s one thing we got to figure out here. I’m hoping hoping to get that done this week. The other thing is we’re coming up here, really, we’re about two weeks away from like the end of the year. And I’m hoping to get this Lipson, our hosting company for the podcast launched. And I kind of want to do that to get it out before basically before the end of the year. So we can kind of get our foot in the door in this year, which is 2020. So I think you know, whenever you can add an extra year, that’s probably a good thing. And we’ll be striving for getting as much content. So that’s going to be my little goal to kind of get out in that. That would include just just the placeholder episode, which we already have done. So that episode Greg and I recorded in, you have to have at least one episode out there. We have that and as we get more we may delete that episode eventually. But we’ve got that ready. So I’d love to get things scheduled in Lipson get all ready to go. So when we launch in a couple months, everything is just dialed in and we don’t have to worry about that. I’d love to have lunch. week just all about launching the podcast and connecting with people as opposed to messing with some of that other little stuff. A couple other things a Greg, we do own we speak trout.com. So that’s great. We need to get the website up and running as well. So we’re going to be doing a having a WordPress website. So that’s another big thing. We got to get going here. And I also want to note the Hindenburg, which is part of the editing, I’m going to be doing a lot of the editing starting off, and Hindenburg, we had Nick Dunkerley, who’s on recently, the the owner, the founder of Hindenburg, journalist Pro, and he’s gonna, you can listen to that episode, which is really good. He broke into some of the tips and things like that about using it the features. And so that’s what I use, it’s been really cool. And actually, I did, I wanted to clear that I did note one thing on there, we talked about the thing crashing. And I have had that happen a few times. But I found out a really something I didn’t know, this is probably why you should watch training videos. I’ll put a couple in there for this for this little note here. But so if it goes down, the simple thing to do is all you know, basically before you open up your file, so if you had like a save file of a project you’re working on, don’t do that. Just go into your search and search for you know, Hindenburg on a Mac, and it’ll open up just basically the general the program. So just open up a blank program. If you do that, then you open up your actual stuff you’re working on, it just pops right open. So I haven’t had to do any shutting down of the computer at all, since I learned that little trick. So just want to throw that little nugget out there. If you are a Hindenburg user, that’s been super helpful. I think it’s just my computer because I haven’t, I still haven’t updated it to the current most current thing. So and I just want to go back to the to the to the the podcast episodes. So we’ve got a couple in the bag, but we’re hoping to have eight done, because this is a weekly, so you should have at least two months. If you can, I like to stay two months in advance of my podcast shows. Right now I’m a little behind because of everything we have going. But I think that’s a good thing to strive for that way, you know, something happens, you get sick, you want to take a month off, you know, whatever means you’re covered. You know, consistency, again, is key. I’ve talked about this before, but being consistent in podcasting is really important.

That’s all I have for you today. This is we’re rolling through the episodes here, on this intro series, we’ve got a few things a wrap up before the end of the year. And we’re going to be into the final stretch, which I think we’re kind of roughly about on day 20 of the podcast challenge. Again, that’s outdoors online co slash podcast challenge, if you want to sign up and get all the steps that we’re going through here. And so we’re going to be coming up to kind of the launch process pretty soon here. Because that 30 Day Challenge is based on launching in a 30 day period, we’re obviously stretching ours out, but we’re getting close to a couple months out. And I want to make sure we document the step by step, the launching process, which is a whole nother part of this, you know you can spend and I will spend a little bit of time on on that. So So that’s all I got for you. I want to thank you for coming in today and listen to our little summary of we speak Trump the launch that’s with Greg Keenan and I how we’re launching this baby out. If you have any questions, go to outdoors online.co. And you can send me a message or connect with me on social. And I’d love to hear what you think if you have any questions or feedback, and I’ll share it on the show. Also, if you get a chance, and you can please leave a rating and review. If you’ve been listening to this and finding some value. That would be super helpful. Just go to your app choice and click, click a star. Give us give us a nice rating. And that would be awesome. Thanks again, I appreciate you. And I appreciate you hanging in here with me. I know there’s a lot of things you could be doing and listening to. And the fact that you’re listening to me right now is pretty amazing. So I will look forward to seeing you soon.


I shed some light on where we are at with the We Speak Trout new podcast launch plan.   We will be setting up the bank, setting up hosting, setting up the website, and getting 8 podcast episodes recorded and ready to go.

I share some details on why it’s good to have 2 months of podcast schedules out and why Libsyn will be our host of choice.  I also touch on the items we finished from last week including our artwork.

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