Code 035 – The Digital Marketing Consultant for Fly Fishing Brands with Roger Maves

Roger Maves talks about his service as a digital marketing consultant in the Fly Fishing Space.  He has worked with a number of great fly fishing companies through his digital agency over the years.

Listen to the Digital Marketing Consultant Podcast with Roger Maves below:

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Digital Marketing Consultant with Roger Maves

Today, we break into the second half of the conversation I had with Roger.  You can listen to the first half of this podcast at the Wet Fly Swing Podcast below:

Listen to the Roger Maves Ask About Fly Fishing First Half of this podcast here

We find out how you can up your online marketing game today as we hear about the We Speak Trout podcast example and the best methods for monetizing a new podcast.

digital marketing consultant
photo via: Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Show Notes with the Digital Marketing Consultant

06:40 – The Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast and my chat with Jay Abraham.  Jay is one of the biggest billionaire consultants in the world and sheds more light on a fly fishing brand.

07:20 – We Speak Trout is our the third podcast that I’ll be launching.  You can email me any questions for early sponsorships here at [email protected].

14:30 – Aaron Walker covered paid mastermind groups and was on the Outdoors Online Podcast to talk about creating a paid mastermind.

28:00 – Higher my mom is another great resource.

You can hear my chat with Sam Kabart on Finding a Virtual Assistant on the outdoors online podcast.

We hear about Roger’s virtual assistant staff and process of finding great employees.  He used and I have used Free up in the past.

You can find Roger at the Fly Fishing Digital Marketing Group here.

digital marketing consultant

Listen to the First Half of the Podcast with Roger at the Wet Fly Swing Podcast.

roger maves

Conclusion with the Fly Fishing Consultant 

Roger Maves, host of the Ask About Fly Fishing Podcast and the lead Digital Marketing Consultant for his new Fly Fishing agency that serves fly fishing companies. 

We go deep into the business side of fly fishing as this is a main focus for Roger’s master plan na this business.

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