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Code 043 – How to get Booked as a Podcast Guest with Jason Cercone

Jason Cercone is here to share the steps to become a podcast guest on some of the best shows in the world.  We find out how Jason moved from the craft brewing space into a full time podcast consultant.  We then talk about the steps to take in order to get on the biggest podcast in your space.

Get Booked as a Podcast Guest with Jason Cercone [Listen Below]:

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Introduction to Getting Booked as a Podcast Guest

Find out whether you should be going for the biggest podcasts in your space and how to set up the process to preparing for the interview process as a guest.  Jason announces for the first time his new podcast called Evolution of Brand.  He’s going to be going deeper in for all podcasters and will include some interviews.

Show Notes with Jason Cercone

10:15 – JLD’s new book the Common Path to Uncommon Success

20:50  – I noted the Orvis Podcast and Jason shared some tips on getting on the podcast.

22:45 – We noted Travis from Poddecks and his spray and pray analogy.

30:50 – Jay Abraham podcast was a huge guest back in episode 34.

33:40 – The Pitch book

40:00 – We noted clubhouse and live audio events that I’ve been loving.

42:05 – Inside the Podcast Studio podcast with Travis and Rob Jay.

44:00 – Pod Theory is Jason’s show but he has a new one this fall.

45:20 – Evolution of Brand is the New Podcast

50:45 – MatchMaker.fm is a place where you can find podcasts to become a guest on

You can find Jason at JasonCercone.com

Resources Noted in the Show

The Common Path to Uncommon Success

the common path to uncommon success

The Pitch:  A Bullshitless guide to getting Booked on Podcasts.

podcast guest

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podcast guest

Conclusion on Becoming a Podcast Guest with Jason Cercone

Jason Cercone shares the good stuff as we focus on some tips to help you become a podcast guest on more shows this year.  We noted how big of an impact podcast guesting can have for you business and today we walk through it all.

We find out how long to do the warm up process before pitching the podcast on becoming a guest on the podcast of choice.  Jason shares the best time to use your pitch and how the guide he created will help

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