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Code 014 – Blogging Tips for Your Business with Mike Alton

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Blogging Tips for Your Business

Mike Alton is on the podcast today to share his best tips on how to start as a blogger and the steps to become a better writer.  We hear about the best steps to walk through the process and get your content found.

We hear about why short blog content is worthless and the 5 part Writing Framework that will easily help you write more.  Find out how to get multiple blogposts out of your podcast transcripts and a bunch more today.


Show Notes with Mike Alton

01:20 – SocialMediaHat.com was Mike’s first blog that resonated with an audience online.

06:45 – JLD was on the podcast in episode 4 here and talked about how you know you’re in the right niche.

08:25 – Google Keyword Planner and SEM Rush are tools that help with analytics for your blog.

10:10 – Mike’s blogging planner to help organize your content.

16:00 – Mike has a blogging boot camp where he teaches blogging.

31:30 – the content pyramid

35:30 – How to create epic content and organize it as part of the content pyramid.  The bootcamp is where you can find more of this information.


You can Mike at BloggingBrute.com


Bullet Points for Blogging:  

  • The less the dollar amount the higher volume of keywords you need
  • The 5 piece framework for writing a blog
  • Use your transcript to change into blogging content
  • You can use a VA for transcriptions


3 Tiers to changing a podcast or video into a blog

Level 1 – Description of the podcast with a player

Level 2 – Do Level 1 and add the transcript below

Level 3 – Summarize and explain and organize what was described


Blogging Content Pyramid Strategy 

Top – The shiny tip or the thing we want to sell  and this is also the word that you want to rank #1 for on google. 

Mid – Come up with three main topics that fall within the primary topic (These 3 should be pillar pieces of content within your website).

Bottom – The bottom is the interviews or the news stories.  Create 3 pieces of content for each of the mid pieces of content.


Top Tip – Mike uses Evernote and I love trello for recording idea. 


Top Tool – Wishpond integrates Landing pages and pop ups


Resources Noted in the Show

Mikes blogging planner



mike alton

Quote:  “Nobody is Born Being a Good Writer.”


Conclusion with Mike Alton

Mike Alton talks about how to become a better blogger and how to prepare for producing a great blog post.  He shares the 5 Paragraph framework that will help you understand blogging.  Tons of great content to up your game this week with the Blog father himself.

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