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Code 032 – What is a Trello Board – Launch, Grow and Monetize a Podcast Series

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Introduction to a Trello Board for Podcasting

This is the 4th podcast episode in our launch a podcast series with a focus on We Speak Trout.  On top of other items noted in this podcast, I talk about two services I’ve been using for trello and for SEO.

Trello Board Show Notes  

01:00 – You can join the Podcast challenge here and grab the 30 Steps to start your podcast.

02:00 – The Pod trac P4

03:50 – Trello

04:50 – Ubersuggest is what I’ve been using to bump up our search traffic at Wet Fly swing blog

05:30 – Kris Reid was on here and broke out a great SEO episode.

07:00 – Greg Senyo was on the Wet Fly Swing Podcast and is our fun fact of the week.

What we Completed last week

  • Created our LLC with US Federal and State government
  • Used Music Radio Creative to create our intro, outro and jingle
  • Greg is putting together more sponsors
  • The logo is a cartoon figure of us

Tasks this week for We Speak Trout:

  1. Setup Trello Workflow
  2. SEO
  3. Uber suggest and Keyword analysis
  4. Fish Nerds Podcast recording

Resources Noted

  • 30 Day start a podcast challenge
trello board


Click here to grab the PDF Podcast Transcript

Grab the PDF transcript here:  We Speak Ep.4 or read below (I apologize for any errors as this was transcribed with Ai).

Dave S 0:24
Hey everyone, this is Dave, I’m back again for a little update on the we speak trout launch. Hope you are having a good day I want to just break out another quick little episode here to talk about what we have coming, what we did and what we didn’t do and what we are going to do coming up here. So this is part of the the big launch that we’re doing here in a couple months, the brand new trout podcast with Greg Keenan from the fly fishing insider podcast, and myself, host of the wet fly swing podcast and this obviously this podcast. So so just wanna break out. Before we get into it, I want to give a shout out to a couple of things. One is the how to start a podcast challenge. I have a link in the show notes there. If you’re interested in starting a podcast, I’ve got a real easy 30 Day Challenge breaks it out and you can jump into it there also, I’ve been doing a lot of SEO lately and been seeing some good stats. So I’ll dig into that and show provide some tips, how you can grow, grow your thing a little bit. So. So that’s that let’s just cover what we did last week. Essentially, the big thing was we we created an LLC, through we’re going through the US government, Greg is up in Canada. So we’re doing this to the US and went through the state and federal government, we have our LLC, we speak trout LLC. So we’re legal there. I also created the went through music, radio creative and created our jingle. I wish I had it here. So you could listen to it. So anyways, I’m recording into a zoom, pod track p four. This is the new device, which I’m actually liking it’s super easy. And I’ve talked a little bit about in the past what I’ve have used. So it’s cool. It’s very, very nice. It’s very much like a road caster Pro.

The advantage here is that you it’s portable, you literally can take this thing, it’s like the size of a I don’t know what is it like a big cell phone, gigantic cell phone. But it does all you know, I’ll talk about that later, maybe I can get a review. And the other thing, Greg, what he did was he’s putting together some of the sponsorship stuff, he’s still been reaching out, we’re trying to line up sponsors for this whole year to cover the expenses, and then really start that’s kind of the first place and then to start growing the show. As we go he’s also working on, I think we’re going with some like the logo is gonna have some cartoon figures of myself and Greg, which I’m really excited to see I’ve never had a cartoon figure in my liking out there. So this is gonna be awesome. And there’s a few other things I guess. But that’s basically from what I have in front of me the notes, I wonder more talk about what we have going for this next week. And we have quite a bit going on here. And one of them, I’m going to add to the list.

And again, I should probably go check back from our last episode to see if all that is completed. Because again, I’m kind of on the roll here. But Trello workflow, something I wanted to note Trello is freaking awesome. It’s for project management, it’s really easy, especially if you have multiple people. So we’re going to be we’re going to have essentially some walkthroughs on you know how to do the Trello thing, but what I do on my own with the podcast workflows, I have, like 150 point checklist that each episode goes through. And as it gets checked off down that list, it gets moved on to the next Trello board. And I have a virtual assistant that is helping me with some of that.

And again, with Greg, it’ll be seamless because I can I think copy and paste literally just that whole Trello and create a new one for the week speak trout. So at any point, we can go in and say okay, what needs to be done setting due dates, updates, so we know exactly, you know, we’re just tracking it along with the process. And SEO is another piece of that process where, you know, not only do you get, you know your thing out there, but that’s just the start of it. There is some people that say, you know, not only should you be creating content, but you should be promoting it, like, way more than you’re actually creating. So

if you spend an hour creating a piece of content, you should be spending four hours or more, promoting it something like that. That’s really the other one. I’m gonna note here. If you haven’t heard of this, Uber suggest, this is definitely a major tip. There’s different ways to do this. There’s lots of services that provide keyword research. But if you don’t know anything about this, this is a good place to start. It’s very simple. It shows you kind of your rankings. how you’re doing does like a website audit for you. So you can see what’s going on. And I’ve been just slowly going back to the wet fly swing blog and just checking it out and upgrading things. And I’ve noticed a nice little bonus on the people that are viewing the website just in the last three weeks that I’ve been doing this. So, again, this isn’t new, this is something that SEO we’ve talked about, I think last week, or the week before we had an episode from an expert. And that’s actually having Chris read, he’s the person who got me fired up to do this, to do this again, and, you know, just update it. So I’m going through a lot of work. I mean, I’ve got I think 200 blog posts at the wet fly swing. And I’ll talk more about that as we go. So that’s one thing I want to note that I will be what will I be doing for the we speak, I guess we’re going to do like a keyword analysis to find out which keywords we want to rank for. And to put together a list of say 50. So that’s another task. The fish nerds podcast is coming up, I believe, I didn’t hear back from clay. So I’ll have to follow up with that. But we’re trying to get some content going for we speak. And that will include next week, I’m going to do a podcast and intro with Greg. So that’s another thing that will be for next week. And that just goes along with creating the outline. And then also the episode list, the episode list. So that’s that’s kind of what I had. There’s a few big things on there. And there’s actually probably some more I could look on the computer and see what else but I’m gonna keep it simple and just say, the keyword list. And the outline for the podcast is probably enough this week for me because we got a bunch going on. And I did want to give a fun fact. Try to get a fun fact out every episode. And what is the fun fact? What is the fun fact? So let’s think wet fly swing. Recently we had a guest on this one I don’t think has posted yet but Greg Senya was on and he very very entertaining very fun. But you know, he cussed up a storm in the episode and I think I left those I didn’t beep it out. So he said drop some f bombs. And he’s just kind of you know, he says it as as he is which is great. And I guess the fun fact here is that you know i think i come off maybe as a you know, it’s not saying swear words but that’s more for more for the the audience because I don’t want to go back through and beep all this stuff out. Because I definitely can be have some colorful language that I try to keep on the down low. So I hope I hope you appreciate that. That’s not really a fun fact I’m trying to on the go think of a good fun fact. Well, let’s let’s go back to outdoors online the fun fact why did I start this podcast I’m not sure if I’ve talked I guess I made in Episode One talked about it. But I started this podcast because the online marketing stuff I kind of enjoy. I won’t say as much as fly fishing in the wet fly swing, but it’s you know, it’s a it’s a it’s a second place winner. You know and and I just really enjoy helping people out there. That’s another thing that I’ve learned over the years of doing this that a big part of this is just kind of giving back in and helping and serving serving you you know, this is I’m hoping that you’ll get maybe one tip maybe that Uber suggest is a nice little nugget that will help you grow your brand and which actually means what you know growing your brand means probably hopefully more money, maybe less time behind the computer maybe more time with the family more time fishing. That’s essentially my goal. That’s why I did this podcast. So that’s that’s what it’s about. That’s why I’m doubling down on the fly fishing community and businesses here because I would love love to see you successful whatever it is, I don’t know you might be starting from square one right now and listening to this. Maybe or maybe you want to start a podcast and wondering how I’ve grown the wet fly swing into one of the leaders with we know 1000s 1000s of listeners which is just amazing. You know, I’m not sure I’m not sure exactly what where you’re coming from maybe you’re just out on a jog and us randomly somehow Google picked up outdoors online marketing,

and you’re just listening to me for the first time and wondering, man, this guy I don’t know. I don’t know what what he’s got going. I’m not sure if I want to turn it off or is there something else around the corner? So right now I don’t have anything else around the corner other than to say thank you and to stay tuned for the next episode because I will try to get a better Fun fact that will rock your world and are we past the note we’re see right on it shows you how good I am. I know that we’re right on that. That that 10 minute mark, I believe so. I’m gonna get out of here I want to say say thank you and thank you for supporting The podcast here. If you have any questions you can reach out to me at any point Dave at outdoors online.co that’s outdoors with an S. Or just reach out on social outdoors online. And, and let me know how you’re doing. I’d love to hear what business you’re in, and what you’re up to this week and maybe how I can I can be of help. So until the next one.

unknown speaker…. 10:22
Thanks for joining us today and for your support of the marketing podcast. If you found this podcast helpful, please share it with one other person and leave a rating and review on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to the show.

Trello Board Conclusion

I shed some light on where we are at with the We Speak Trout new podcast launch plan.  I note Trello and Ubersuggest, to software tools that I’ve been loving.

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