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Code 017- Podcast Guesting and Finding Podcast Guests with Brent Basham from Poddit

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Podcast Guesting and Finding Podcast Guests

Brent Basham, a founder of Poddit, is on the podcast to share some tips on finding new guests and how to grow your show through podcast guesting.  We hear Brent’s story and the new podcast he has going that will help your listeners know like and trust you.


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Show Notes with the Brent Basham

05:56 – Here is the Dave Jackson episode with Brent on managing guests through Poddit.

06:50 – Digital Dads Podcast was Brent’s first podcast that had a big impact on his future in podcasting.  They have since podfaded there but have a new show.  

07:20 – JLD was on the podcast in episode 04 and talked about the power of guesting on podcasts.

13:00 – Mark Cuban was on a podcast recently I listened to but can’t remember which one.  Here’s Mark’s podcast Speed of the Game.

13:20 – Here is the JLD course Podcasters Paradise.

21:00 – Awesome Guests, Podcast Guests with Andrew,  matchmaker.fm, are some of the other services to help you find a podcast guest.

23:40 – Fish Nerds and Clay has some good stuff going.  I was a guest on Fish Nerds podcast here.

37:30 – Long Tail Success is Brent’s new podcast about getting people to know like and trust you.

39:40 – How to Win Friends and Influence People  was noted by Brent here.

40:40 – Long Tail Pro was a great keyword tool by Spencer Hawes who has since sold this product.

41:20. – Super Joe Pardo has the independent podcasters group plus facebook are a couple of good resources.


You can find Brent at poddit.net

podcast guesting



Resources Noted in the Show

How to Win Friends and Influence People 

how to win friends and influence people


Joe Pardo and the Independent podcasters conference

independent podcasters group


Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

Digital Dads Podcast

Speed of the Game Podcast with Mark Cuban


Read the Full Transcript with Brent Basham:

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Brent 0:00
When you get an interview, maybe ask for a referral. Because what I’ve noticed is there are pockets within these communities of people who know each other and they have trust with each other already established. And if you go on a show, and you create some really good energy with the host and connection with the host and respect with the host and do right by them, and then you ask, Hey, is there anybody you can refer me to that might be a good fit for, you might find yourself hitting up five, six shows, just by those relationships from that one person.

Dave S 0:32
That was Brent Basham with a great tip to build your online influence this month. Welcome to today’s session of the marketing podcast. This is outdoors online co the marketing podcast that helps you elevate your business through online marketing master sessions. Join Dave each week as he helps you grow your online influence via interviews with leading entrepreneurs from around the world. Here you go. Brent Basham, the founder of product net is on to shed some light on finding guests for your podcast and how you can become a guest yourself. Find out an easy way to deal with rejection, how to get the mark, how to get Mark Cuban on your podcast and why he said and we said the name of God so many times in this podcast. Damn it again. You’re welcome john. Hope you are fired up for this one turn off the earbuds and enjoys today’s episode with Brett Basham from puppet dotnet How’s it going?

Brent 1:28
Brett? going great, man. Thank you for having me.

Dave S 1:31
Yeah. Thanks for coming on. I think I originally saw you or heard you on a podcast. I think it was Dave Jackson on the school podcast, which I had Dave on in a previous episode as well. So he was talking about I actually hadn’t heard I know you guys are fairly new. I think last fall you guys kind of launched the beta version of what you have going but we’re gonna dig into pod and everything there. But before we do, can you just talk about how you first got into online marketing and then how you brought that into it?

Brent 1:57
Yeah, so I don’t know if I’m really an expert on online in marketing, other than just being in Facebook groups and sort of connecting with people, that sort of thing, certainly been a student outside of that, but I wouldn’t call myself a guru or really try to teach anybody really what I am as a dad. I later in life joined, going back to school for technology. And then I started having conversations with a buddy at work about everything that’s happening in the world with the technology changing things. And how were the very last digital immigrants raising the very first digital natives and how that’s never going to happen again. Well, of course, being tech enthusiasts, we said, well, let’s just grab some microphones is back in 2014. And let’s do a podcast. So at my core man, I’m a podcaster. We did that for about three years. So called Digital dads talking about how to raise kids in a digital world and and we weren’t experts at that either. We were trying to figure it out. But it was really cool because the podcast gave me access to people with knowledge and experience that I wouldn’t necessarily have been able to have conversations with. So that was really That was really fun. Yeah,

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Dave S 3:01
yeah. And that’s we’ve talked quite a bit about that on here, just the power of the podcast, and I’m fully in on it. And I’ve seen it as well. So I’m trying to help people get into podcasting and understand how to do it, right. And recently, I also had john Lee Dumas song from, you know, entrepreneurs on fire. And he said, you know, by far I asked him, what’s the number one way to grow your podcast and his recommendation was get on 100 be a guest on 100 other episodes, right? Like, that’s a good goal to have. And, you know, not an easy task, but that’s what you guys do at it. Right? That’s one thing you do.

Brent 3:34
Yeah, absolutely. That’s the the thing that we sort of set out to do. And we’re just like you said, we’re in beta. We’re just scratching the surface launched in September of last year. And this was really birthed out of, you know, we were doing the show, we did it for a long time. And then we get to a point where, you know, doing a podcast is a separate endeavor, from your life, from your job from your family, and it requires extra time and effort and part of that time and effort was getting As discovering them, connecting with them coordinating those interviews. And, you know, a year later, two years later from when we kind of pod faded, which is basically means you took a break, and then you never got back on the horse, which is easy to do with a podcast. But part of that was the time it was taking, getting the guests. I was looking around and go on. Okay, well, I’m talking about D in the digital dad. And here I am, you know, the kids were on the show, but it was like, it was taken away from me being a dad. And like I say, part of that was that guest discovery connection coordination process. So, a couple years later, we realized there’s a couple of directories out there. There’s some attempts and I don’t want to disparage anybody else. But for us being in the tech world where like, this really hasn’t this problem hasn’t been solved for people yet. And there’s a lot of shows that are non existent anymore or in these conversations are important. We have done it enough and had conversations with guests enough to know that that this matters, people’s voices matters, these conversations matter in the world. And yet here was this big giant problem of finding the right guests and sometimes you know, Honestly, Dave, we dialed it in, we needed a guest, and we didn’t maybe have a great one. And so we got somebody that reached out, we just put them on. And that’s not what I wanted for my show, right? I mean, and but it was tough. And so that’s what we’re trying to do a pata. And right now, it’s basically two directories, you’ve got a podcast directory, you’ve got a guest directory and then everybody can match up. What we’ve got coming up here real soon, is really ambitiously moving toward helping target the right guests the right podcasts helping match people up with algorithms. We’ve got a whole big piece where you can have an interview inbox, you can move through multiple states and really help to coordinate the interview. So yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s a passion point for me because I am a podcaster. And I’m actually about to start a new show podcasting. So eating our own dog food and trying to source some guests through the platform. It’s a fun endeavor, man. It’s a big job though, creating something like this. I don’t know if we, if we’d known just how big a task it was when we started would we have gone forward? I’m not sure but we’re so far in And the reception has been even with what we’ve even with what we’ve done, which to be candid with you is, is scratching the surface of what we what our roadmap is, I mean, not even not even nothing. But that said, we’ve had over 800 people connect for interviews already 100 interviews have happened since fall from our platform, which is amazing when you consider when you first launch a platform, and there’s nobody in it. It’s completely useless to everybody. Right? Because it’s like, you want to go to this platform. And there’s like two people in there three people in there, what’s the likelihood they’re going to be? Some somebody that you want to interview or podcast, right. So it was a real uphill battle. Until now, when you go there. There’s new people coming in every day. And so, you know, a lot of those interviews have happened within the last two months, it’s really started to gain some traction. So that’s exciting. You know, that’s really exciting.

Dave S 6:52
That’s cool. Has it been what’s been the biggest struggle there? I mean, it sounds like Well, I guess you could look at from the people on your sight, do you find that the bigger struggle for people is actually finding guests for their show or actually becoming a guest on other shows?

Brent 7:08
You know, it’s funny, early on in podcasters career, I think finding guests and part of that is just being intimidated by the process, right, you reach it cold calling people from their website, or I used to look on Amazon and find authors. And you don’t even know if they’re in the looking in the looking zone, so to speak. And it salesy and at least on this platform, you know, if you’re new podcasts, and you come on there, and you put your show on there, you know, people can find you, but also, you see people on there, you know, they’re looking to be on show, so I think it takes a little bit of the fear out of it. And then once you get an established show, from the podcast side, it’s a little trickier because you really want to identify the right shows, right, or the right guests rather. And so that’s a problem we’re looking at solving now. And so one of the things we’re trying to position with this new interview inbox is what we’re calling it is this is your one centralized piece that kind of sits in between your website and outbound requests. So that You can have all of your inbound requests come over to pot it. And then you can manage everything, you can click and see the profile. So you can listen to them, you can easily vet them. Because when you get an email from some random person, and then they send you their website, if they do that, or their social media, it’s it’s this chasing ducks game to try to figure out what they’d be a good guest on your show. So we’re trying to help manage that on the inbound side. And then eventually, n hadn’t really mentioned this yet. Eventually, after we roll out the one a few months, we want to get into where we can actually allow this to be like an event for you as a podcaster. So you can actually reach out to people outside the network. And you could use the CRM sort of aspect of it. Right? You could use the CRM aspect of it without them having to ever necessarily join, because from the podcaster side, you know, as a podcaster, there’s people and that’ll help solve the problem while the network continues to grow. And even if it gets to be ubiquitous, there’s still always going to be those guests you might want on your show that live outside of the network’s

Dave S 8:58
right at one frame. I just listened to you know, it’s like you got your list right you got your people you want to get the get the big Dave’s I was just listening to Mark Cuban you know he was on Oh guy what episode he was on actually one of my guests that I interviewed recently, the podcasts that came out today interviewed Mark Cuban. Okay. All right, let’s see, I’ve kind of I’m kind of blown this one up, but that’s not true. It was somebody else anyways, it was like, wow, I was listening to Cuban I was like, Man, this guy would actually that’d be really interesting stuff. And it’s like, Okay, I’m gonna add him to that list like he’s uh, you know, obviously way up there. But that is would that be something where some of these big time guess you can kind of use your service to maybe set something up to hopefully get them?

Brent 9:42
Yeah, so big hairy audacious goal would be eventually where so if we, okay, so when you start talking about bigger name guests, they have a different problem. And this is where it gets a little tricky because even though you’ve got podcasts and guests, you got little nuance pain points throughout depending on size, depending on experience like so there’s always is different little death by 1000 cuts kind of thing. But what we’d like to do is make it to where you could at least step one would be make it to where you could reach out to Mark Cuban, let’s say. And instead of you sending him some cold email, you would have this link that would basically be either come through our site, if you’re sending an email or if you wanted to grab the link and put it in Facebook or whatever Twitter whatever the the channel is. And what that will do is it take you to a web page, and that web page will be a customized invite from you it might have a custom video might have a couple of key selected episodes from you. So it’s very easy for Mark Cuban then to look at you and go well he looks professional by weight by proxy, he already had,

Dave S 10:38
he already had these two huge name guests. And it would make sense for me to be on there too,

Brent 10:42
right? And you can highlight that and so all of a sudden it becomes a thing and then if he accepts it right there, that same link becomes excuse me, that same link becomes then the way for you guys to coordinate the interview. So this is not this is not this is future a very future state but there’s a there’s a lot more to that. But the idea is that as As a podcaster, if I can come in here, and I can use it to find guests inside the network, reach out to guests outside the network, have my inbound requests come into the network and manage that all in the same place in a way that’s really simple for everybody. I mean, how could you not use that as a podcast have a huge behaves? And I’ve been using it I actually I, and I’ve already got a couple of guesting opportunities set up and Yeah, it is. It’s really smooth. I’ll definitely give a shout out to you guys, because I’m gonna help you promote it for sure. It’s, uh, are you guys good? I guess it’s just on another line. Are you going to do any sort of is there like an affiliate program? Thinking? Is that is that going to be in the future? Yeah, so that’s actually there now. Oh, cool. Yeah. And the cool thing about that, because right now our focus really is on growing the network, not necessarily on converting to the paid accounts, although there is a paid account on there, which I think is a really good value. But what we’re trying to do right now is just focus on growing the network. But for the affiliates. What’s nice is, let’s say you help us grow the network. Obviously, the platform gets better everybody wins that way. But it tracks. So let’s say you referred somebody today, and six months from now or a year from now they say, Oh, I see the value and we are implementing some new features and stuff like that. And they convert. Well, that still tracks back to you. Oh, cool, right. Yeah. So what we’re trying to do is get people to realize that and it’s right now there’s a link on the site that just says affiliate, you can go there and do that. I can just go down. Yeah, you can just go do it. And it’s, it’s separate, it takes you over a separate thing, but then you can share out that link. And we want to further integrate that, I should say, we’re, there’s six of us doing this around our full time job. So it’s a little tricky. Yeah. But the bigger it grows, and the more that people like you, like what we’re doing and see the vision of what we’re doing, then we can help that’ll help us to execute on on what we really have in mind because what we think we’re building and the receptivity of it so far, based on really a limited version of the site has been fantastic. So we’re ready to really kick it into high gear. We just need some help spreading the word.

Dave S 12:58
That’s good. That’s good to hear. Yeah. Don’t think it’ll be a problem for you guys. I like I said, I, I was in a Facebook group I can’t remember which one but they were the question came up like how do I grow by thinking like I said jld you know, he’s hot on this thing his course he has a whole course section in it that talks about this guesting you know, like, it says, you know, and I just said to them as I hey, pot it check it out potted debt, you know, through you guys a link and and so I mean, obviously that’s what’s going on right now the word of mouth is is it word of mouth for you guys? I mean, I know podcasting definitely word of mouth. It’s all about word of mouth. Is it the same for you guys growing your your influence there with the business?

Brent 13:34
Yeah, I mean, we are monetizing some. And so we’re looking at paid sponsorship and that sort of thing. But frankly, we’re really trying to just deliver on the best possible product. And so there is a limited number of us we do have limited bandwidth. So I’m trying to really focus on how can we make this the best possible product and the cool thing is, you know, I’ve been in the community for a long time. I know a lot of people and leveraging that to where now obviously we have to deliver but those relationships are coming back in spades. Where I’m getting on interviews, I’m being able to people are loving it, people are sharing it. And we’re trying to do right by them with the affiliate side. And because honestly, David, we don’t really think of this as like, I mean, obviously, it is our thing, there’s founders, but we really are building this for the podcast community. And then we know that if we can build something solid and deliver on it, maybe we can help those podcasters to, you know, pay for their hosting or just some of that the nickel and dime stuff adds up for us, right? Most of us, including myself, when we did our show, we don’t make money off the thing. You know, we did a couple things. We at our peak, we probably had maybe 2000 downloads, which I think is pretty good. But it’s not hugely monetizable You know, it. I mean, we had a $50 an episode where we would talk about like children’s books, it was various things we tried, we did Patreon, all these different kinds of things. But what we were doing was we were constantly getting guests and so if we can insert, put it in the middle of that process, and then make that an affiliate opportunity. You know, in It’s a recurring affiliate opportunity, I should say. So it’s like for the life of people paying, you’re gonna continue to get paid. So if you help us grow, there’s an opportunity there for you to get, you know, 10 2030 bucks a month. We’ve already had some payouts there and I mean, I don’t know how it is for you, but when I was doing it that that mattered because it was also we were doing this podcast, we were taking somewhere from the family, and I was paying for it. And that got hard after three years. Exactly.

Dave S 15:25
Yeah, no, I think it all it all adds up. I think that’s the key because diversifying in the eye, every little income stream You know, I think it’s especially if it’s passive, right, you’re out there. And that’s what I’m going to be doing. I mean, I’ve got a resources page like a lot of you know, sites do or just like okay, here’s your here’s your things for podcasting right here. Here’s the things you should probably check out and click this link and go for it.

Brent 15:46
So I can give you some behind the scenes on that too. Because a Jackson, you mentioned him, he he put that on his site, and I can give you the behind the scenes of it. He’s we’re getting traffic for Dave. Now granted, he’s been around and he’s got established Point is people are going to his resources page and they’re clicking the links. I see the backside of that. Absolutely they are.

Dave S 16:05
So it works. It does. It does. That’s cool. Okay, so, I mean, there’s a lot of stuff we could unpack here. I mean, I guess one thing would be just maybe talk about if you’re kind of new to it. I do have some people I’m working with some people that are starting up their first podcast, right? They’re getting going I’m gonna tell them the same thing. I’m going to say hey, you need to start guesting, right get in that’s an important thing. If they’re new to it, they come to your site, what sort of tips or what would you tell them you know, to kind of make sure they optimize and get things set up so they can get some because I’ve noticed that even without having a super optimized any video stuff like that I’m still getting you know, I mean, I’m reaching out to people and stuff but I imagine people are gonna start reaching out to you if you do it better, right?

Brent 16:46
Yeah, and so we’re gonna be changing the site a little bit to help spotlight certain people. We’re gonna more prominently feature some of the people that are having the paid accounts. Obviously they have an investment there, but even from there I, one of the things I would encourage people to do really is, and this is a good, good thing for people to hear anyway, branding and how you look and appear matters, right? You’d be surprised how many people go in there and they’re trying to get guests, and they leave the stock image in there. And they have just a couple of words, and it just doesn’t, they just don’t spend any time on it. And you’re gonna get no matter what you’re doing within this space or other space, you’re going to get out of it, what you put into it, right? Yeah. And one of the key one of the big key thing is the the tags, the topics, right now, at the free version, you get three different topics you can put in there. If you pay, I think you can get up to 12. Well, when people do a search, they’re going to search and you’re going to show up in those results. And also when they click on those from anywhere, it’ll take them to a search result of that same thing. So what I would say is definitely hone in on those but but be wary of the fact that that’s a search term. So some people use it to like put a three word phrase which is fine, and it’s representative but you know, those are scary. specifically meant to help with search results. So if you put something like business or sell sales, go in there and do some searches for yourself and see or just scroll through the directory and see what people are using and find something align with you and match up to that because the frequency of occurrences means they’re more likely to get click means you’re more likely to get found. Right. Now, that’s just that’s just you getting found once you get found, what is your profile picture look like? And does it is it just another picture of your smiling face, which is great, everybody loves that. But we purposefully built the directory not to be a bunch of headshots that people frankly we don’t know. Right? Because what how does that make me curious or interested in clicking to learn more about you, you might be friendly, you might be smiling, but and that’s great. That’s kind of par for the course you might have a suit on or whatever, professionalism so there’s a couple of clues but it’s different from like a nice graphic that you did, or had done via Fiverr or Canva. Or, you know, even even more expensive some graphic designer. Put a little thought into that because you’re sewing upwards. All you want to get the click through, because you don’t know who’s looking, you might even be not might not even be somebody on potty it might be somebody like a jld. Or as the directory goes, some people might be on their browsing because they can do that. And then they might reach out to you separately. But if you don’t take the time to make yourself look professional, then there it’s like LinkedIn, would you go on LinkedIn and not fill it out and not make it look good? Well, you know, then you’re not going to necessarily get the recruiters or whomever to to give you the time of

Dave S 19:27
day. Gotcha. So that’s so filled out thoroughly. And then, I mean, as far as other I mean, you guys have a good thing going here. Are there other companies out there doing a similar thing? I haven’t noticed any others out there.

Brent 19:41
Yeah, so and I’m perfectly fine name dropping all of the ones I know. There’s awesome guests. I don’t know. It’s a bit different. That one’s probably the most similar in that they do have podcasts and guess. Awesome guests calm. podcast guests. gentleman named Andrew. All right. They’ve got like a For essentially a directory of mostly guests, and there’s an email list and I think podcasts kind of surface and some of the time, but there’s not like a full on full on directory of podcasts. What are some of the other ones? There’s a new one matchmaker.fm that one actually looks pretty solid. check that one out. And yeah, and I would encourage people, you know, look, these are none of these are mutually exclusive. ours. One of the cool things about ours is there’s a free version, which is really was honestly came from the fact that we had guests on our show, a couple of guests, we had university student who did a doctorate about going to the visibility of going to Mars and living on Mars, which is really cool. But and then a pediatrician. So the point is, they weren’t necessarily out there in this business space, trying to get an ROI from being on podcasts, right. But they were hugely valuable to me and to our show and to our audience, and we want those people. That was the reason why we had that free version. We want to make sure those people populate the network as much They can’t university professors, people that have knowledge experience in various fields that may not necessarily see or be looking for an ROI, but still want to have their voice out there in the world of podcasts because it’s huge that the podcast world is heat. And so that’s why we wanted to have that out there and have them discoverable. Now, once that continues to grow, there’ll be increasing value in separating yourself from the pack, particularly in certain niches, you know, but yeah, I would say get on as many of those if you’re out there trying to be a guest. Get on as many of those as you can, especially the free ones because what have you got to lose? put in the effort and and realize the value do your homework as best you can know what you’re going to be bringing to the table, bring value to their guests share after you go on that, like when we get done with our episode, you ping me with the saying it’s live. I’m going to share in the group, I’m going to do everything I can to help you get traction. Who knows how much that translates, but it’s just a simple respect of you open up your platform to me, I’m going to do everything I can to help you and some of them you’re less likely to try to treat people the right way or to help them grow. You know, that kind of thing goes pretty far with podcasters because a lot of people don’t do it. And also posted on our group today, use their name, try to listen to their show, it’s different if they reach out to you, and you start to get some notoriety but when you are reaching out to a podcast, do a little due diligence because they get cold a lot and just comes off as disingenuous if you don’t,

Dave S 22:29
that’s a that’s a Yeah, you gotta definitely listen to the show. And I’ve been I’ve been doing that a little bit it’s I kind of I like I’ve told a lot of people I’ve covered podcast nerd, you know, I love I love doing the podcast and I love listening to podcasts, right? I mean, like a lot of people probably, I was listening to the podcast for years, you know, years and years before I started the first one. And, and now I just I reach out to people and I listen there by just listen to to yesterday, completely random one was on sports and they’re kind of some like more hip hop stuff and it was awesome. You know what I mean? It was just like it was fun. It was a great. So, I mean, podcasting is amazing. There’s so many different niches. And that’s kind of one of my questions here. Because, you know, one of the guys that Dennis who I was talking to he has a, he’s in the fishing space, right? He has a TV show that is all about fishing and fly fishing and stuff. And it seems like you know, in the super ultra niches, like you might not find a lot of those podcasts on your network, what would you tell, you know, tell somebody who maybe wanted to do that thing where they got on 50 or 100 other podcasts, but, you know, could they find fishing podcasts on your network?

Brent 23:33
I, you know, I don’t know if clay groves he has visually I’m not sure if this is on there or not. I know I’ve had communication with clay. You know, again, part of that is gonna start to be solved. Well, to answer your question, yeah, there’s we’re still in the I think we’ve got maybe 1000 people have signed up. So yeah, what do you break that down by category? Yeah, that starts that then out a bit. Right. And we may appeal to a certain niche more than others probably. Yeah, right. Right. But as we continue to grow, I think that that’s a that’s a scalability problem. And, you know, again, it doesn’t hurt you at all either think of this, if you create your profile in there as a guest, you can also use that as a calling card to people as an outbound. So you can sort of say, Well, here’s my link, and then it’s got like a YouTube video. It’s got a couple of your past interviews. It’s like a nice one sheet, what they call it all the time that you can share to people that says, you know, pod dotnet slash Brent Basham, you can go there and look at mine and see it connects to my podcast. And so it’s a bit different than LinkedIn, you can do the same thing with LinkedIn. But this is more custom suited to here’s me as a guest. This is my profile, where in my opinion, LinkedIn is it’s overloaded for a couple of different uses, but it’s primarily about connecting employers and employees. That’s what it originally was. And so you can sort of retrofit some stuff in there. I’m not going to disparage LinkedIn, it’s great. It’s fantastic. But it’s not purpose built for that. No, it’s it’s purpose built for something else. And so we’ll work Trying to move toward his purpose building it for that. And yeah, and as we continue to make it useful for people like clay, who have maybe people always reaching out to him as a guest, and we can build this inbox and we can build these other pieces, it starts to be valuable to him. And probably some people will be in there that you don’t necessarily see in there. Because you might have your show. And you might not want to get inundated by people. But you may want to be in there to invite people when you see them. So there’s a couple little things that might surface later. A long winded way of saying, we’re still growing, so if you can’t find any there, it may not. I would say browse the network, do some searches, see what you see. do go ahead and do a set up a profile though, because we’re about to kick off an email, a weekly email where we say, Hey, here’s some recent additions. And as we go, we’re going to start targeting categories. And so we’ll start to like you’ll just get an email and you can easily ignore it. But as the network grows, you’ll get pinged and say, Hey, Dave, this might you might be interested in Let’s go. Yeah, I am actually, Matt, thanks for letting me know. And now let me come back. And oh, wow, there’s a couple other people in my area that we hopefully can suggest, right. And so at least that way, if you go ahead and get started, there’s zero cost. And you know, you’re gonna get pinged and maybe get pulled back in as it grows. And because it’s easy enough to forget about something. It’s always nice to get an early on something if you can, oh, yeah. No, it feels like it, it

Dave S 26:23
feels like and that would be cool to get, I’d love to see that email in my inbox saying, Hey, here’s, you know, the perfect guest and you know, click boom, and all of a sudden you’re in and maybe you’re, you know, you get an email from him and you’re like, bam, it’s done. I mean, I think because you can do this on your own I have done it right. You can, I mean, like I say, and jld has a whole course on finding becoming a guest and how you go to you know, Apple podcasts and go to the website and have an email template you know, I mean, there’s a whole step like he describes which word right but it’s but it’s a ton of work. It’s a ton of work, right and you guys are basically making your your that’s the pain you’re solving. You’re making it easy

Brent 27:00
Yeah, we’re trying to build the best of that into the site. Like, for example, one of the things we launched recently was a podcast or can have a little questionnaire, right? So you go in and create a couple of different questions. And then when I go to when I go to request to be on your show, I have to fill that out. So I can you can say, Do you have your own microphone or whatever it is that you might want to know, kind of like a Google form? Because a lot of people use the form. We’re like, well, let’s just build that in. And then it’s like, well, I’ve heard maybe it might be useful to have the guests sign a waiver, right? And so I’m talking to fire markers in the space of legal expertise for podcasters and say, Can we do this digitally? And can we just build it in as like a matter of course for you and but you went ahead and requested it through our platform, you automatically signed? Right. So there’s some things we can do with the system and the platform that help everybody that Yeah, you could do separately with all these different tools. But why would you and also the vetting process is so difficult outside because everybody’s website is different and you’re chasing them. find their episodes and then did you listen to the right episode? It’s just,

Dave S 28:03
it’s a lot of work.

Brent 28:04
There’s a lot there. And again, I would encourage anybody, do whatever works best for you. But definitely check it out as an option. Because we’re working hard. And we’re taking feedback to Dave. That’s one of the great things too. You guys come in, if you shoot me an email, or come in the Facebook group and say, Hey, I really like this, but maybe if it did this, that would be helpful. And if we hear that a lot, we’ll say well, we’ll go and convene and say, Well, how can we make this problem better? Because a lot of people are saying it would help help them if they could do that. And so it’s like a direct pipeline. We’ve literally evolved the platform based on feedback which is pretty rare. I think. Hmm,

Dave S 28:42
cool. Cool. Well, yeah, and getting back to Dennis maybe it’s not in he might check it out. And there probably are a few different obviously I am on there and there’s some other stuff but you know, if we take an example we go back to that train, you know, you want to get on say your goal is 100 podcasts, you know, and you want to get on you want to be a guest on these You know, to get there, what would you recommend, you know, is the paid version? Probably the best way to get there? I mean, say you want to do that in the next year, you want to be on 100? What would you recommend to get that done? And how much is the paid version?

Brent 29:15
So paid version is 29 a month. And it’s basically two different things. One, it helps you make a better first impression. That’s what the profile and all that kind of stuff. And then it helps you to surface more all over the website, basically make more connections. Alright, so those two things combined, right? So you’re going to get visibility, you’re going to be higher in search results, that sort of thing right?

Dave S 29:36
Now, it automates it. Yeah,

Brent 29:38
yeah. Now, that algorithm, obviously, we have a responsibility to make sure we try to make the best matches. So it’s not entirely based on that. But within the result set, the paid versions will be a little higher, right, if that makes sense. So that’s the paid version is 29 a month and then we actually have some really aggressive discounts for people who want to get on board for like six months or a year. I think a year Like 45% often ends up being like 15 a month or something. And the reason for that is that people who commit with us, and we’re actually gonna grandfather that in for for the long term, even though we’ve got some pretty big things coming, where it’s gonna even be some pretty big things coming. But we want to make sure that people who get in with us early and help us early and help us monetize early because that helps us grow tremendously, then we want to make sure we do right by them. And that’s the point. Yeah, so they see something of value. And they say, Yeah, I want to get on this train. Now, what that’ll help them do is, like I said, those emails, they’ll be able to be on the homepage where people can see just more visibility, which should, I mean, we can’t promise you anything, because some of that is always going to be up to you. If you get high visibility and nobody likes you or you don’t really come off well, then we can’t really solve that for you necessarily. Not directly anyway, we can help train you but that’s a different subject. But we can help surface you more and then result of getting surface more as you’re going to get more inquiries. You know, you’re at the end of the day you’re trying to get people to know like and trust you. Interesting aside, one thing I’ve noticed by being in the communities and this sort of thing, when you get an interview, maybe ask for a referral. Because what I’ve noticed there are pockets within these communities of people who know each other, and they have trust with each other already established. And if you go on a show, and you create some really good energy with the host and connection with the host and respect with the host and do right by them, and then you ask, Hey, is there anybody you can refer me to that I might be a good fit for? You might find yourself hitting up five, six shows, just by those relationships from that one person. You might be surprised. Yeah, yeah.

Dave S 31:43
Yeah, that’s one of my best tips to I love. In fact, at the end of this what I might ask you, you know, who are a few people, you know, that might love to have a similar chat like we had because it Yeah, it’s a great way you know, because obviously, if you create a relationship and like this looks like a great fit for what I’m doing You know what I mean? It’s obviously if I’m helping people get into podcasting, I know the power just makes sense to send them your way in. I’m kind of in early on it. So that’s going yeah, the 45% discount whatever man, that’s a great if you can get in that for you know, almost half price. Now you got it dialed in you and you’re kind of grandfathered in. So when these new things come up, you’re still you’re getting all that that’s huge.

Brent 32:23
Yeah, we won’t ever we won’t ever raise the price on those people as long as it was worth it. So and there’s some some high value things. I won’t get into that. But I think we we want to under promise and over deliver. Let me just put it that way. Cool.

Dave S 32:35
Cool. Yeah, that’s a struggle for me right now. I mean, I’ve got some VHS and stuff and I’m trying to get better at the automating and delegate. You know what I mean? That whole thing, and this is one thing that if I could take off that little task of, you know, researching, you know, it’s like, boom, they just people are coming to you. And that’s, you know, like, again, I keep saying to God, because I think it was interesting because he really talks about this but you know, he does well here’s another question right? He does. 20 to 30 guesting podcasts per month. Right? He’s on 20 to 30. And he doesn’t even ask how many lists right? He goes brand new shows, he doesn’t care. He says the power is just get on that show. And if he just gets one in one person’s inbox, you know, as their subscriber, he’s loving it. Do you guys see that the same that you shouldn’t really care? I guess this is from a guessing perspective, if you’re looking for a guest, that would be different. What’s your take on that?

Brent 33:26
So I’ve actually, I know, there are a couple people in our group who I respect tremendously, who have a different take on this than me, but I’m of the opinion, lean toward the valley give the value first, right? Because I remember when I was in new show, show host, and I reached out to somebody bigger than me. That’s intimidating. And when they do you assaulted like that? You remember that? Like it makes such a big impression on the person and it’s the right thing to do. Right? And so if you have the bandwidth and that’s that’s a factor for sure. But if you have the bandwidth and honestly, it’s so easy to do a remote interview, how hard is it to get a 30 minute pocket of time somewhere? Are you that inundated? I mean, let’s most of us are not, let’s be honest, we’re probably could do it if we’re trying to grow and hustle. And also, it’s not a one to one, maybe they have X number of listeners. But also I’ll give you an example. Somebody I know, actually had jld. She’s doing a directory. And she reached out to jld to be part of the director. And he’s like, Can I be a feature directory? And she said, Yeah, and so she ended up charging like 500 bucks. He paid her 500 bucks. Right now. I thought about that. I was like, well, this is a brand new directory. There’s no telling where it’s gonna go. Right. He just did that. But here I am. Here I am right now. talking to you about jld she’s talking about jld right. So I’ve said it.

Dave S 34:44
I’ve said his name four times I think

Brent 34:47
so. So we can argue till the cows come home but the reality is, yeah, john Lee Dumas is killing it. Right and everybody has their criticism of him or whatever else on different ways, but the reality is, everybody knows who he is. Everybody knows who he is you come into the space and you can’t not know who he is. And why is that? So instead of being critical or hating on it, or whatever, maybe try to unpack and digest, like, What is he doing? And what would it work? I personally, I go on any show at all, if somebody, I look at it this way, if somebody is willing to open up their platform for me, and they want, they believe I can add value to their listeners, then I’m going to do that if I at all possibly can, you know? Absolutely. And and hopefully I take the approach. I’m trying to bring value to them. I don’t care how small they were, because I was small, and you don’t know where it goes. And at the end of the day, it’s the golden rule. And the worst case scenario is, it ended up not being the best fit, or they were whatever. Yeah, but it faded. I’m not a perfect person, either. Dave. And so I mean, I don’t know. I’m just trying to take an approach these days in the world to just focus on positive things. And I think that if somebody asks you to be on their show, and you do them a solid, even if they’re small, or even if, unless there’s like obvious reason that they’re like scamming or something, but yeah, outside of that, personally, I would say yes, that’s cool. Yeah. That’s I think you put enough good out in the world and it comes back.

Dave S 36:02
I agree. Yeah, I’m totally on with you. I think that’s the way to think about it. So, and you mentioned long, what was the name of the new podcast, longtail success.

Brent 36:11
longtail success. Yeah, so that’s the idea is the theme is trying to get more people to know like and trust you. And it has a lot to do with what we’re just talking about. And I kind of was gonna be called heart first, which is definitely a theme of authenticity and caring and all these kinds of things. But the messaging was a little off. So, really want to dig into longtail success because it enables me to talk about a number of other topics as well. But really, you have the long tail is defined as you have this small sliver. It’s like this big curve, right? And on the left hand side, you have this small sliver of the hits, and then it drops dramatically and you have this big long tail of everybody else, right? And so in this huge, long tail of everybody else where nobody knows anybody Well, I mean, some people know some people but it’s hard to kind of carve out your niche or getting old How do you succeed? Do you need to have a huge audience? Like it’s just digging into all these different things? I’m talking to Dave Jackson actually about like how podcasting is part of that getting people to know like and trust you. talking, I talked to Bob Berg as a matter of fact, who coined the term know like and trust and did a book called The go giver, we unpack that we did an interview about that. Joe Pardo, talking about how live events and virtual events can help you to grow your know, like and trust factors. So I’m, I’m a fan of all this stuff. And so I’m pretty excited. I’ve never done a business podcast and it’s certainly probably not in the same vein as some of the other ones. But it’s, you know, it’s podcast. It’s my show, I do whatever I think is cool. And people think it’s cool to listen, that’s all they want.

Dave S 37:44
That’s awesome. Who is your Have you nailed down kind of who your target listener is for that show or who that’s going to be or is it kind of a little broader?

Brent 37:53
It’s so it’s definitely content creator type people. Yeah. bloggers, podcasters live streamers. I think it’s the ones that believe in the education part of it, right, like so the ones that would read a book, like contagious by Jonah Berger, or, you know, they would read these type of things, how to win friends and influence people or seven habits of how they understand the value of education over time. Because that has literally transformed my understanding of so much in the world. And so that’s definitely baked in through way of the interview and the interesting nature of that, and so it’s more dynamic. But yeah, I think that the people who sort of are looking for a quick fix or looking for a shortcut, they probably fall off pretty quick, and that’s perfect. You know, I said that Seth Godin says who’s it for it’s not for them, and that’s okay. There’s other things that they can hopefully figure it out, but I, I feel like if you ever gonna have sustained, long term success, it’s gonna take you got to put in the work, you know, and part of that is on learning or what Zig Ziglar used to call stinking thinking. You got to get rid of some Some of the stuff that’s been the roadblocks for you in long term and sometimes that takes a while and sometimes it takes coming from different sources and so you know, but that’s that’s me everybody’s not that way. And so I don’t expect it everybody will love it but I’m hoping that there’s a big enough audience where it’s valuable to people

Dave S 39:14
Sure, sure. Yeah, sounds good and long I always think a long tail I think a longtail pro which is the Oh Spencer Hawes had a Google you know, a search product that I think he sold but but yeah, longtail same idea is just on the curve. It’s that longer tail on the end there. What about you know, when you think about you know, as I’m kind of just tried to think about wrapping this up a little bit here. We talked a lot about just you know what you guys have got it going Are there any other resources if you think about becoming a guest finding guests that you would recommend maybe that’s not your guys’s own stuff out there any other place you’d direct if people want to take it from,

Brent 39:52
you know, I would get into Facebook communities. And yeah, Facebook groups. We have one obviously You can find that one. That one, actually, there’s people it’s not a one to one parody, right? There’s people in there that don’t live on the network. So but and then there’s like Joe Pardo independent podcast conference, there’s a number of them, right? So there’s a lot of podcasters in there. There’s groups, specifically podcast, guest experts, stuff like that. And if you just search for that, you’ll find connections, and you’ll be able to end up being in a few of them. The cool thing about that is, and it’s a little tricky, because this whole guest podcast thing can be very transactional. And that’s okay. It’s not horrible. But if you can build relationships, right, like really build relationships and get in there, and instead of I was talking to my wife about this today, instead of getting in there and shouting about this, you see this, a lot of people get into groups, and they want to start shouting about how Oh, this is my thing. Everybody go listen to it. And if they don’t do it, then they want to go in more groups and shout louder and more often, and it reminded me and I’ll be quick to wrap it up. But it reminded me when I was at Georgia Southern University, way back in like 99 To 93, I’ll date myself a little bit. But they would have these guys that would come out. I don’t know what denomination they would be. But they would come out and they would just be out there with these poster boards hand lettered things about, about Christianity, and they would just be yelling at people. And right. And so even though I might be receptive to the message, right, they’re just yelling. And what’s that’s what it kind of reminds me of, and everybody just kind of going about their day, not paying much mind. Because you’re not taking the time to try to be a part of a conversation. You’re just yelling at people. And imagine if there was, like, 50 of them out there yelling at people write different things, and it just becomes noise, and everybody just starts to ignore it. And that’s kind of what happens. And I see it all the time with new people. They want to get out there and instead of doing a little bit of effort and getting to know people or showing where they can add value, you always kind of get the sense that they’re trying to just like serve themselves, which of course we all are, it’s part of it. No one’s gonna blame you for that. But try to be the right kind of person. And I think you’d be surprised how far it goes with people and and how much it makes you stand out. You know? So yeah, get in those communities be part of the conversation, where it makes sense. show what you can bring to the table, there’s plenty of opportunities in there for you to say, they’ll do threat take a post what you can talk about, do it, post it, you know, you might somebody might be paying attention to might, you know, connect with you that way. But don’t do it when you’re not supposed to Don’t be spammy.

Dave S 42:24
Right? Yeah, exactly. Okay. Cool. And, and I guess, you know, as I kind of use this occasionally, to help, you know, kind of wrap us out of here, but top tip top tool top takeaway from today, if you think about those things, you’ve given a lot, but again, if we stay on that thread of, you know, becoming a guest, what would be your top tip? You know, obviously, they’ve got what you have going, what would you tell him to leave them off, but

Brent 42:48
today, um, get in the game, and understand that what you’re doing is equivalent to sales. So you’re going to get told no or You’re gonna get ignored. You just got to keep going. It’s a numbers game,

Dave S 43:03

Brent 43:04
You can get better at it. You can increase your percentages, but you just got to keep going. And don’t be afraid to get told, no, don’t be afraid to be bad at it. You’ll continue to get better over time. And as you start to build that reputation, you’ll get people coming to you.

Dave S 43:17
That’s right. That’s a that’s a great one. And then I guess you did mention it that the Facebook groups any other tools they can then this could be anything in online marketing thing that could on that same line as far as guesting or becoming a guest.

Brent 43:29
LinkedIn is a good resource too, though. I mean, everybody knows about that one. But But I think Joe Pardo is talking to Karen Yankovic. In fact, this evening on Facebook Live, which you won’t see that because this isn’t going out yet. But yeah, there’s you can check out Karen Yankovic, she’s really great at like helping people to polish up your LinkedIn profile, position it position it for this space, right and I think that a lot of people don’t do that. And you might get some traction that way too.

Dave S 43:52
That’s a killer that’s a killer tip. And then yeah, then again today on you know a takeaway any is something come to mind that we can leave Everybody Off with you know, from today.

Brent 44:03
Yeah, I think you know, and this is gonna sound really hokey and cheesy day but but I really do mean it and it’s from 40, almost 46 years of experience on this planet, do things out of love and be forgiving of other people’s faults because we all have our own, your frame of mind is different. And the way you communicate is different. And, you know, it’s the whole adage of you attract more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Well, that’s true, but if you have the wrong mindset, it’s gonna poison how you communicate and your demeanor. So it’s all about what’s on the inside of your head, which will come out in spades. So, focus on that and don’t don’t neglect that don’t be, you know, we all have our ruts, you know, and I’ve actually just had a had one that I just kind of came out of and and maybe that’s why you hit me at the right time to say this, but just do right by people and the results, you know, let go of trying to control the outcomes. Just do right by people and the outcomes will take care of themselves.

Dave S 44:55
That’s perfect. That’s perfect. And we you know, I obviously have a lot of outdoor or companies that I’m talking to? Do you have an outdoor activity you love to partake in? recently? Yeah. Or recently or the fast food.

Brent 45:11
So when I grew not not so much lately as an adult, um, maybe just some some basketball in the back or the kids fishing. I used to love fishing. Um, yeah, I’ve done some trout fishing and stuff like that up here in the river that we’re in Atlanta. right near the Chattahoochee River.

Dave S 45:28
Oh, wow. Yeah, I’ve had some I’ve talked to some people over there about that so and are you talking so that fishing with the spinner rod, some worm stuff like that?

Brent 45:36
Yeah, worms and spinners. I’ve tried fly one time, I was terrible at it. But I’ll try again. My cousin actually makes his own flies, which is really good at it. So yeah. And we’re not too far up. You can go up a little ways and you can get up to sort of a hat. It’s like big hills and I wouldn’t call them mountains. But anyway, you can get up to some streams, the rivers real small and you can find some pockets with some big fish. So yeah. But it’s fun stuff man I love it get out in nature it’s great that’s cool yeah

Dave S 46:03
there’s a guy out there called his I think he’s he’s fly fishing for hip hop he’s this guy’s he’s bringing together hip hop and fly fishing talk about ditching you know, but he’s he’s a cool dude he’s out in your area somewhere I think Yeah, he’s in Georgia and yeah, it’s a it’s a cool I haven’t been out in that area, but I definitely I once I take this on the road. I think I’m going to be stopped by visiting some people. And one more random one before we get out here. What about music? What if you had to what’s your music? If you had to play something right now? That kind of band or type of music?

Brent 46:32
Oh, man, the kids influenced me a lot. So I listen to whenever they listen to what have we listened to recently? My one daughter loves on Mendez. So I’ll probably know more of that than I should. Okay. Yeah, it’s a lot of I don’t know, she’s got an eclectic taste. What

Dave S 46:47
about what about if you go back to your call? You said was it 92 your college days? What were you listening?

Brent 46:51
Oh, man. So would it be okay to say Dr. Dre nice Dr. Dre. Snoop Dogg the chronic would that be the chronic Or Testarossa also Dave Matthews Band, so I was always kind of just, I love I love I love culture, a lot of cultures. I listen to country too. So yeah, David Allan Coe. And Hank, we all have it. Exactly.

Dave S 47:13
Cool. Cool. Right on man. Well, I’ll let you get out here in the next couple months, anything new coming out for you or the party that we can expect?

Brent 47:21
Yeah, so in two months, we the couple of weeks, we should have that email kicked off the first version, Brenda have where you can search for past episodes easily right now you have to add the URL, you’re just gonna be able to search and find it and add it that’s coming out. The homepage is being reworked completely. The dashboards gonna be completely reworked. You’ll have some statistics available to you there. And then the big massive thing we’re launching is the inbox which is just a really big help I think boon for podcasters to manage their interviews. So we’re excited. We’re excited about where it can go and all of this is coming within. I think our goal is end of September. We should have All this stuff rolled out. We’ve been working hard for a while. Yeah. And we’re about to release a lot over weeks, weeks, weeks, you know, we’ll see a lot changing on the site.

Dave S 48:08
Perfect, perfect. Yeah, I think I’m gonna get in there and find a way to, you know, maybe get that paid version or check in with you guys and definitely get the affiliate thing going as well. So, so yeah, just pata dotnet if they want to connect with you or ask any questions.

Brent 48:22
Yeah, absolutely. And I’m on Twitter at Brent bash. If you want to do that, too. I’m totally helpful as best I can be. Like I said, don’t have me on my show on your show. I’m open to it. I’m talking about we talk about fishing. We’re talking about anything. I just like being on mic. It’s fun. Exactly. Thank you so much, Dave. Man, I really appreciate you letting me come on your show, man. It’s a it’s an honor.

Dave S 48:41
Yeah. Yeah, definitely. I thank you for coming on here. And yeah, I think like I said, I’ve been already sharing what you guys have gone on. So I’ll keep doing that and getting the word out there. And that’d be fun to follow you guys the journey especially as we go into the fall with the new things you have come in, so I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

Brent 48:58
Cool deal. Thank you, Ben.

Dave S 49:00
Today’s takeaway next time you are a guest on another podcast ask the guests for a recommendation for another guesting opportunity. I want to take a moment to read a review from Mike at our MIT from the United States on Apple podcasts. Five stars so helpful. I love the podcast episode as a new podcaster, the richest man in town you provided so many great strategies and resources for us to explore as next steps. Great work. Thank you, Mike, I really appreciate you for taking the time to leave a review. If you want to leave a review and help get some more eyeballs and some more social proof for the podcast and just help me feel better. It’d be great if you can also leave a review just head over to your app of choice and click rating and review. And let me know how it’s how we’re doing. Can’t wait to connect with you on the next show. We are out. See ya. Thanks for joining us today and for your support of the marketing podcast. If you Found this podcast helpful, please share it with one other person and leave a rating and review on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to the show.

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brent basham

Conclusion with Brent Bashem

Brent Bashem from poddit.net shares some tips on finding podcast guests and how you can become a guest on other podcasts.  I’ve been using poddit and can tell you from first experience that it works great.  We dig into some other resources to help you succeed in podcasting including some of Poddit’s biggest competitors.

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