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Code 026- How to Launch, Grow and Monetize a Podcast – EP. 1 – Introduction

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Introduction to the Launch, Grow and Monetize a Podcast Episode

This is the first podcast and post to document the steps to launch, grow and monetize a new podcast.  You will be able to follow the journey myself and Greg Keenan are going on.

I provide an introduction for the new We Speak Trout Podcast and share some tips on what we are doing early on with the new podcast.


Show Notes for We Speak Trout Launch

03:10 – Send us an email at [email protected].

03:46 – Link to the podcast challenge.


Click here to grab the PDF Podcast Transcript

Hey, everyone, this is Dave, I’m back again for a special, special little conversation.

This is going to be the start of a series that is going to document the process of building a new podcast from the ground up with my partner, Greg Keenan, from the fly fishing insider podcast.

And we are going to launch a new podcast.  it’s it’s called we speak trout.

And definitely give this up to Greg.  This is his concept idea. He came to me and pitched it to me and definitely sounds like a great, I’ve been really wanting to keep expanding. As you know, I’m hot on the podcasting. I know the power of podcasting, it’s huge, it can do a lot for your business.

And this is just one way we’re going to actually help contribute something new. Something that we hope that we can build a business around, but at the same time help a community of people with a focus on trout fishing.

So just want to give the first little heads up here that we have this going. This isn’t going to be long. I’m hoping to do these things. I’m just kind of thinking out loud.

Maybe, if I could do weekly, I guess right now I could bust out probably four episodes on different topics of what we have going and then post all those as different little snippets little podcast. So that would kind of be cool to do, I think and then I’ll still have the regular right now the regular episodes, the interviews I do are popping out every every two weeks.

monetize a podcast

So I think the idea of we speak trout, the idea here is that Greg and I are going to get on a call weekly and just talk about fishing with folks on trout fishing.  We might have a new guest that comes on each week, we might have, depending on what we have going it will be,  based on the topic and the guest, but we’ll be digging into a new idea.

And I just kind of was thinking talking to Greg, now we were kind of talking every day about this. So it’s cool. But so that’s kind of the fly fishing concept. But really the business, the nuts and bolts is I think will be cool for you to follow, because we’re gonna be posting this on the outdoors online marketing podcast to see how we do it all.

And how we’re really going to focus it and the power is that Greg and I both have two of the leading podcasts in the fly fishing space. And that power along with the community of people we built, we’re going to help launch this thing into the atmosphere.

So that’s the goal is to launch this thing off. And what have we done so far, so far, we have a Google we have Gmail, you can send the email to [email protected] we’ve got a Google drivers just kind of just slowly we’re planning for this launch in February. And so we’ve given ourselves more than a couple months, more than you know, a few months to really get this going slowly, because we want to get it all prepared and launch. So ready to launch this thing out. And we don’t have a lot of other distractions. So, you know, we’re just kind of all the little steps of the podcast, you can go, I’ll put a link in the show notes to the podcasting challenge, which is a 30 day challenge. And ROI can be 30 days, or it can be whatever you need it to be, but I’m going to be walking through that each step of the way on, you know, what we’re doing to launch and maybe that’d be a fun thing to do. As all, as I as I get these things. You know, each week, these tasks completed all kind of do a summary of where we’re at. So and actually, I can click over right now. But we had a task list of kind of a spreadsheet of things to do. And we’re working our way through that. And, and the first thing is really coming up with some of the nuts and bolts, Greg’s working on the website. So I’ll circle back around, let you know how that goes when that’s up. And you could take a look at that.

And so yeah, this will be cool, because, you know, part of this will be you’re going to be able to watch the process from a business perspective, but also it’s going to be a fly fishing resource for for you for everybody, you know, to direct people to So, so pretty excited about this it right now is November, early November, mid November. And so it’s gonna be right around the corner to launch this so I wanted to give you just that heads up and I think this will be a fun little project along the way if you have any other feedback, you know, different things we can do and I think probably guests I have from here on out for a little while. are going to be focused on how to help grow this podcast show. So this is gonna be a full thing. You know, and if that’s not what you’re into, maybe let me know. But I’m hoping that you know, part of this, what I’m doing is to inspire you to start a podcast because I’m, I’m hot on podcasting, this is only going to continue to grow the reach and a good way to you know, the stories and talking about your brand. That’s a critical piece. So, I’m going to keep this thing below 10 minutes because this is the little intro I’m not sure how, when I’m going to plug this in how I’m gonna do it. Maybe I’ll just get it out there and just throw it out there. There’s just let people kind of see what we’re doing. So anyways, I hope I have time to keep doing this consistently. I think consistency is is important. So we’ll see. Until the next one, I don’t have a signing off thing maybe that’s thing you could do is send me an email, go to a [email protected] and let me know if you have an idea for a sign off. Like, you know, I don’t know we speak trout. It should be a sign up for outdoors online, I guess, for this new series. But I’ll just go. WE SPEAK trout.

Conclusion for We Speak Trout Episode 1

A quick summary of what to expect as I document the launch of the new We Speak Trout podcast.  Let me know if you want to join us and launch your own podcast as we go.

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