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Code 047 – Choosing a Domain Name with Andrew Allemann from Domain Name Wire

Andrew Alleman walks us through choosing a domain and extension for your website. We also take a deep dive into buying and selling domains — something many do out there as a side gig.

Have you ever wondered who’s buying all the .coms out there? Andrew has some inside scoop on who’s buying them. Plus, we found out if I screwed up my last domain purchase.

Tune in to this episode for an exciting deep dive into the world of domains.

Choosing a Domain with Andrew Alleman [Listen Below]:

Choosing a Domain Show Notes with Andrew Alleman

02:00 – Andrew shares his experience in online marketing and website growth. He has been writing the Domain Name Wire blog since 2005 and has a podcast of the same name.

03:23 – Andrew walks us through starting a website, including choosing a domain registrar. With thousands of options out there, he notes that GoDaddy is currently the biggest registrar in the market. He also mentioned Namecheap, HostGator, Porkbun, and Google.

04:03 – The differences between these registrars are the price, security, service, and account management system. People can get a domain name from one registrar and host it at another site. We also talk about the importance of choosing the right domain name extensions.

Choosing a domain
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09:07 – Andrew tells us about his podcast and the topics he usually talks about with guests.

10:07 – Andrew walks us through his process of starting a new website. For most people starting, Andrew suggests either creating a WordPress site with GoDaddy or getting a Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly website. There are lots of cheap hosting services, but a lot of them are designed for WordPress. One of the biggest ones is WP Engine.

17:24 – Andrew advises that if the domain name you want is already taken, it may be listed for sale and can be purchased. And while buying a new domain name for $10 may seem preferable, it may be worth paying for the one you want.

23:56 – The Domain Name Wire Podcast started in 2014. He recently had an episode about buying expired domains for their SEO value.

choosing a domain

25:00 – We explore the difficulties of using non-.com domain extensions for websites.

29:35 – We delve into the world of buying and selling domain names. Afternic and Sedo.com are two places where people can list their domains for sale.

35:26 – Andrew talks about the mentors that have influenced him along the way. Some of the other podcasts that Andrew listens to are The Side Hustle Show by Nick Loper, Startups For the Rest of Us, and Working It Out.

Nick Loper was on the podcast, where he talked about tips to turn a side hustle into a full-time business.

40: 42 – Andrew mentions some of the big names he’s had on his podcast, like the creator of WordPress, Matt Wullenweg, and the bassist for Megadeth.

Choosing a Domain Resources Noted in the Show

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Conclusion with Andrew Alleman

In this episode, we talked with Andrew Alleman of Domain Name Wire about the process of starting a website, choosing a domain registrar, and the world of buying and selling domain names.

Today’s action: Don’t be afraid to spend money on that domain extension. This is your storefront and will likely be worth the money.

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