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Code 037 – Top Google Local SEO Tips with JP MacDonell

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Google Local SEO Introduction

JP MacDonnel breaks down the tips to ranking your business through Google Local SEO.  This is the map feature that pops up when you search for a local company on google. 

We hear why it all starts with Google my business, but that you should also be thinking about all three areas of google.  Google My business is not rocket science but takes time, maintenance.

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Google Local SEO Show Notes 

13:30 – It all starts with Google my business page

13:50 – Kris Reid was on the podcast to share tips on the main search ranking and


20:20 – Royal Treatment, Brian Silvie and Bachman all come up for search

31:20 – Google posts is like a social media account on google my business

52:40 – The OOM 015 episode on marketing to Facebook groups with Bella.

55:45 – Daniel J lewis was on the podcast and talked about podcast reviews.

1:03:50 – 30 Days of Dawn starts October 1st.  Goto urban barrels and the backpack that turns into a beach towel

You can find guest JP MacDonnel  on instagram @jpmacd

RevLocal.com is the agency that JP works for.

rev local

16 Solid Google Local SEO Tips 

  1. Use google SEO search, local SEO and paid ads for the trifecta of google SEO
  2. Much of the local SEO is crowd sourced – embrace this
  3. Reviews are critical to show up faster on maps and stand out
  4. Download the google my business app
  5. Set up your area as a service area if no physical address
  6. Use Google Posts for social
  7. Clean up old stuff
  8. Optimize with consistency and posting and photos awn weekly or monthly
  9. Add a link in your newsletter so customers can leave you a review on my business
  10. Don’t go all in on one strategy but diversify as much as you can
  11. Just take 10 minutes to upload a pic to my business
  12. Share google my business page through other channels
  13. Consider pay per click to pay to get ahead (but be careful) – My guest here said to not do paid ads because of issues of not doing it right
  14. use your phone and test the search for your local market to get a feel for the process
  15. Have a strategy to deal with negative reviews
  16. Use the awareness feature to track how well you are doing
local seo
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Todays Top Takeaway:  Just take 10 minutes to upload a pic or something quick to google my business.

Google SEO Local Resources 

google.business.com to set up your local listing on local.

jp macdonnel

Google Local SEO Conclusion with JP

JP shares the steps to getting your business to show up first on the local map that jumps out at the top.  We focus on how you can show up first if you are a fly shop or local fly fishing guide.

Google my business is something you can do once per month but the returns could be huge putting you on page 1 of google for local search. 

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  1. I’ve been trying to find this podcast from JP MacDonell for a long time, and it’s about time then that I’ve finally gotten my hands on it. I’m glad that I’ve finally found the podcast.

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