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Customer Retention Introduction

Alice Heiman, one of the top experts in the world on complex sales, is here to share some tips on customer retention.  Alice helps some of the largest businesses in the world understand the sales process and how to create loyal customers.

Alice shares some easy steps that you can implement today.  Have you surprised your customer and over deliver after the sale.  We find out which are the main mistakes to avoid when creating loyal customers.

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Customer Retention Show Notes with Alice Heiman

03:10 – Alice’s dad started the Miller-Heiman Company which is a world-renowned top sales training company.

24:00 – Alice noted Title Nine and the great job they do of over-delivering.

45:00 – Vendor Neutral for the B to B world or Smart Selling Tools which both review different software for customer service and managing referrals.

46:00 – The amazing Shepe Hyken Cab Driver Story is a great resource and a great youtube video with a taxi cab driver and how to make a loyal customer for life.

46:50 – Alice Blog posts on customer retention

You can find Alice at AliceHeiman.com

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10 Steps to Creating a Loyal Customer

  1. After the sale you have to do something exceptional
  2. Did you Thank your customer
  3. Write hand written note
  4. Take cool photo and make notecards out of that
  5. Add coupon discount code with the card
  6. Get customer to interact on Social media with giveaway
  7. Give valuable information after the sale (how to, etc)
  8. Keep customers engaged
  9. How to get a referral:  Just ASK (5 people everyday)
  10. Put the actions on a schedule and write out the process (quarter, monthly)
  11. 70-80% customer retention rate is what you should be shooting for
  12. Don’t tell your client what you can’t do
customer retention

Resources Noted in the Show

Sales Acceleration Program

Videos Noted in the Show

The amazing Shepe Hyken Cab Driver Story

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Full Transcript of this Episode Below

alice heiman

Customer Retention Conclusion with Alice Heiman

Alice Heiman is on the podcast to share some tips on customer retention and how to create loyal customers.  We find out the easy way to get referrals and what you can do today to increase your customer retention rate to 70-80%

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