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Best Influencer Marketing Strategies

Best Influencer Marketing Strategies

Cloris Kylie shares her best influencer marketing strategies and how to get started the right way.  She describes how influencer marketing is perfect for a business that is brand new and walks us through the exact steps to get started.

Cloris talks about how she was able to get onto Entrepreneurs on Fire and how you can use this strategy to connect with influencers.  We also discuss the key mediums of where you should be connecting with influencers.

Show Notes with the Cloris Kylie

01:45 – Beyond Influencer Marketing is Cloris Kylie’s great book on going beyond just a shoutout.

03:40 – I noted Chris Snyder who is a new fly fishing guide.  Influencer marketing is great for someone who does not have a big audience.

05:20 – We talk about Creek Stewart who wrote a section in Cloris’ group.

07:15 – Addicted 2 Success – Cloris noted how she posted on this site because she new the audience very well and filled a gap in the content for any site.

09:02 – Use SimilarWeb.com to find the right influencer to reach out to.

14:40 – Cloris shares here example of how she got onto Entrepreneurs on Fire by focusing on Jimmy.  I had John on the podcast here.

145:45 – cloriskylie.com/influencer

26:00 – The Expert Kit Challenge – This is for podcasters so I’ll be checking this out.


You can find Cloris at Cloriskylie.com


How to do Influencer Marketing

  1. Know the audience of the blog you reach out to
  2. Use Similar Web to find others
  3. You need a short term and long term objective
  4. Start with B List influencers if you are just starting
  5. Create a mini media real to show value


How to use influencer marketing for podcasters

  1. make sure right show
  2. leave 5 star review
  3. listen to the podcast
  4. find gaps that have been popular with listeners
  5. Created the pitch for the host (see Cloris template)
    1. describe why the show is perfect
    2. outsource list of podcasters to find


Top Tip, Tool and Takeaway for Influencers Marketing

Top Tip – 23:00 – Stay consistent

Top Tool – Pretty Links

Takeaway – Implement Right Now, don’t wait


Resources Noted in the Show

Beyond Influencer Marketing by Cloris

beyond influencer marketing

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Cloris 0:01
takeaway is to do it right away, like don’t wait until you’ve achieved something special or, you know, you’ve published that fly fishing book or whatever, just just do it now. You know, get your message out there, you’re ready. It’s just a matter of delivering value going into this with a value mindset.

Dave S 0:21
That was quarter skylee with a great tip to remember this week. You are ready to share your stuff with the world you have the goods now let’s reach out and find a massive community that needs your message. Welcome to today’s session of the marketing podcast. This is outdoors online co the marketing podcast that helps you elevate your business through online marketing master sessions. Join Dave each week as he helps you grow your online influence via interviews with leading entrepreneurs from around the world. Here you go. Of course Kylie and influencer marketing expert and author of beyond influencer marketing breaks out the good news today to help you get started, we’ve talked about the key mediums you should be on a step by step process for podcasters and why Instagram might not be the best place to start reaching out. Let us do this right now. Turn up the earbuds and enjoy today’s episode with glorious Kylie. How’s it going, Cloris?

Cloris 1:19
Great, Dave. It’s great to be here.

Dave S 1:21
Yeah, thanks. Thanks for taking the time to come on and chat where we’re gonna dig into some influencer marketing topics. I was just doing a coaching call yesterday and, and there was definitely some questions about how to get started and how to do it. Right. So we’re gonna dig into that you have a book, that’s a really good book out there. You’ve got a lot of resources. So maybe you can just start us off and talk. You know, the beyond influencer marketing. Can you just talk about that book, maybe describing that book? Well, that helped a new person understand what we’re talking about here?

Cloris 1:51
Yeah, I think it would be very helpful to understand the difference between what you might have heard out there about influencer marketing and just Thinking about people who are maybe Instagram influencers or other social media influencers? Who usually give you like a shout out, right? So you have a product, and then they say, Oh, you know, you gotta try this out and they charge you thousands of dollars for that. It’s not about this. And that’s why I titled The book, beyond influencer marketing, because I see it as a way for you to create connections and collaborate with people who reach your ideal audience, and they don’t have to be social media influencers. They could be people who have a podcast with a perfect audience for you. People who have a blog, where your ideal clients are and they read that blog. It could be maybe a coach or a trainer that has a maybe a group program and you can be a guest speaker for that program. So whatever that is, I mean, the concept of influencer goes beyond social media. And I believe that what happens or what matters most Is the fit the right audience right values and style and the desire to collaborate you know at a higher level so that’s what the book is about that’s where my podcast of the name the same name is about it’s about growing your business with the help of influencers

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Dave S 3:15
that’s amazing that’s that’s really cool and yeah I love that you said that about the the Instagram thing because that’s how I you know, I think when I first got into it that’s how I thought of it was like okay find the in you know influencer on Instagram and pay them but now it’s good to hear this a lot more and I was just talking to a new guy so we’re in the outdoor we’re serving the outdoor industry with a focus on fly fishing and I was just talking to a new guy to fly fishing guy Chris Snyder yesterday and he’s brand new but he’s actually got some clients and he wants his struggle is connecting with people right the some of the bigger names he’s kind of this little guy so can you explain for him, how he might utilize influencer marketing and where to start?

Cloris 3:58
Well, the good thing about influencers remarketing is that it’s perfect for the early stages of a business. Because as when you don’t really have an audience, right, you don’t have a huge list of potential clients. You’re starting out, right. So if you are going to write your own blog posts, or even create a podcast and hope to get clients that way, it’s going to take a long time, right? And advertising means good, it has its place. But unless you have a funnel, when I say a funnel, kind of a client journey that has been proven that people actually sign up for what you have to offer through this online funnel, then it’s really difficult to monetize those ads to get a positive ROI. But with influencer marketing, what you do is that you’re sharing your expertise, you’re giving people kind of like a sneak peek at what it’s like to hire you to work with you. With a with an audience that is there for you already. So is about sharing the same message. With a different audience, that’s what it is you have your core message, whatever service it is that you do in the outdoor industry, but the venue that the audience is going to be different. For example, Craig Stewart, he’s actually an expert in survival, survival skills. He actually wrote a story for my book for beyond influencer marketing. And he said, when I started out, I had no audience. I was just teaching courses near my house, you know, with a group of a small group of people. I wanted to expand my reach to expand my business. So he reached out to a large blog for outdoor enthusiasts. And he wrote he said, I wanted to write the best post available on how to create a bug out bag. Right. He said, that was my my focus. So he said, I created this epic post. It was like a mini book. And he submitted this episode. I mean, this episode is on Article to this blog and it was so amazing that they said yes. And this is a blog that has millions of readers. So he started to see like a huge, huge amount of people going to his website, checking out what he had to offer era, book about bug out bag and all that stuff. So that’s how he started to actually build momentum. And the blog eventually hired him as a regular contributor. And also he really started to reach more and more people and from there on the positive momentum just kept building he was contacted by the Weather Channel to do a show with them, increasing his authority even more and now he’s a top influencer in the industry.

Dave S 6:40
No kidding. So there you go. So and that’s a good example of reaching out to a blog. Are there any any tips because I think that probably is the daunting thing is you say, Okay, I want to reach out to this big, this big blog or this big podcast, but I’m just a little guy any tips on actually doing the reach out and getting a successful? Is there anything more than I mean, obviously providing a big piece of content to Give them as cool. What would be your tips there?

Cloris 7:03
Well, first tip is to really know their audience. When you have something that is a perfect fit for their audience, they’re likely to say yes when it comes to content. So for example, when I posted one of my articles on addicted to success, which is a huge blog for, you know, entrepreneurs or personal development, I noticed that they had that their top articles were about confidence. So I said, Okay, what was a hole here? What is a gap in the gap was that they had never published an article about building confidence after a failure. And I thought, I’m just gonna write an article about this. So I wrote it, it was immediately accepted. Because I know their audience, I knew that they loved articles about confidence, and I wanted to fill that gap. See, so as long as you know the audience really well, you can find something that is a perfect fit for that audience. And this applies to content and even when you’re going to collaborate with people at a higher level. If you do something that is perfect for their audience, they’re much more likely to say yes. So forget about, you know, creating some sort of a template email and then sending mass emails to podcasters. and stuff, you got to find something that is customized for them. So they see that you actually care.

Dave S 8:19
Gotcha. Gotcha, that makes sense. And then, so really knowing their audience, and is there a way to do it? There’s probably no way to short, you know, kind of shortcut. That is, how would you recommend they get to know the audience? I mean, I guess being a part, a member of the audience would be a good way. Are there any other tips there?

Cloris 8:35
Yeah, well, I mean, the, the tips vary depending on the medium, right? So that’s why in the book, I go over each medium in more detail, but for example, if you are interested in guest posting, and you find one blog, which you will find by going to your client and saying, Okay, so what blog Do you read, right? So that’s, all you need is one blog to start. So those Well, I read XYZ blog. So then you go to this website called similar web.com. So similar web.com. And then you type that URL. When you type it, you will see the competitors at the bottom of the search results. So those competitors are your next blocks to reach out to see. So I feel like as long as you know, one, just one blog, one podcast, then you can leverage that to reach out to the next blogger, the next podcaster. And, you know, for podcasts, of course, it’s a little bit different because you can do your research using iTunes, you could actually go to, let’s say, a competitor who has been featured on a podcast, that could be your number one lead, right so you know, this podcast is good. So then based on that podcast, then you find maybe their guests who are other podcasters and then you reach out to them. So I feel like one once you find that one influencer, then you can use that to find other influencers.

Dave S 9:58
Cool, and I want Get into the the other mediums and discuss that. But let’s, let’s take on to the podcasting a little more because I obviously that’s a personal, you know, thing I’m trying to promote and teach is podcasting. Let’s just take my example if I was going to reach out to a big influencer, you know, there’s some I can’t even think of who the biggest one would be that there’s a ton of them right in the online marketing arena for sure. So if I was to reach out maybe there’s a crossover where there’s some sort of outdoor and online, maybe there’s some other another podcast, how would I so I would kind of understand, you know, what their audience needs? Can you just walk through the steps of maybe and what I’d be looking to get on their show is that is that the ultimate goal?

Cloris 10:39
It shouldn’t be the ultimate goal, it should be your, what I call the short term objective. You have the short term and the long term objective. So short term might be just to be on the show. Long term might be to actually have them promote something of yours to the entire audience for some podcast, You might just want to be on the show that okay, especially if they’re pre, you know, high ranked influencers. But for other podcasters I see, I see the interview as kind of like that door that opens other opportunities for you, especially when it comes to referrals and joint venture partnerships. But yeah, so first step is to do your research. Make sure the blog is not a blog, the podcast is perfect for you. Then support the podcast by writing a five star review on iTunes, by listening to the show, right? Believe it or not, a lot of people have never listened to the show and then they want to be on it. So definitely have to listen to it. As I said, find gaps something that has been really popular with with less listeners and you select that as as your starting point to to suggest topics. And then you create this pitch. So in the bonus package from my book, I actually have a template that you can use, but it’s not about Copying and pasting don’t it’s about customizing this template. And the first part of the, that email that you will send out says why you feel that your message would be a perfect fit for this particular show why you feel that this show really resonates with you. And you can always only figure that out by listening to it. So I would say, outsource the main research piece. So get a VA to actually get a whole list of podcasters for you, and then you are the one who is going to decide, okay, this is the one that I’m going to reach out to, because I actually listened to it for a few minutes. They know that this is a good fit for me. So then you post a review, you tell them why you your message would be valuable for them. And then you suggest a couple of topics could be you know, more than three to five topics. And then of course you gotta prove that you’re an expert. So send a sample of one of your interviews, you could send a testimonial or people have said about you just something that shows that person that you’re actually a valuable guest. But as you write this message, remember it’s not about you because I get tons of of pitches every day for my shows like, oh, have me on your podcast, I’m the best and Baba. No, it’s about the show. It’s about you delivering value to that show, not about you being the best thing ever. And that’s why they want to feature you.

Dave S 13:33
Yeah, that that’s perfect. You know that? I love that. That device there and then I was just thinking about that, you know, on that same line about the level of influencers? Right, you have people say like the A listers, the B listers, like just different you got the the ultimate gurus and then like lower level. I mean, I guess, I don’t know, is that critical to think about? I mean, how do you know who to choose? Is it better to choose somebody that maybe has a lower following because they’re easier to connect with and more similar or do you go For the biggest, the biggest person in your industry,

Cloris 14:03
if you’re starting out, I suggest going for maybe what we call a like a B list or somebody with us, I have the biggest audience, but it has a significant audience, and you could deliver value to them. So definitely reach out to them with ideas, it’ll be easier. And once you have these interviews, you can leverage those, maybe create a mini media reel and send that to the top podcasters. But you need to have, you know, maybe at least three or four of these interviews ready so you can show what you can do. I mean, it’s about showing the podcaster that you can communicate well that you’re going to deliver value to their audience. Like when I was a guest on entrepreneurs on fire. At the time I sent my idea, he already had a huge following. He had already millions of downloads. And what I did, I went to the website because I used to listen to the show, but I said have to find some sort of hook right so I went to the website and I read all about Jimmy right. So Jimmy is john Lee Dumas his avatar, if you’re familiar with the show. Yeah. So I said, well, there’s this whole thing about the avatar. That was like the first mistake I made in my business. I thought my offers were perfect for everyone. Right? So I wanted to serve everyone. I ended up reaching nobody. So I set that in my pitch. Say, john, this is what happened to me. I would love to share this with your listeners. Because just like you have Jimmy, I have my own avatar. And guess what I heard back from him pretty fast. I said, he said Yes, I’d love to have you on the show. So it’s about finding the hook that shows them that you value the show and that you value their audience.

Dave S 15:48
Yeah, that’s a super advice. So okay, and I just and this is on the same lines. I know like you mentioned we have a play at chloris Kylie comm slash influencer, we have some information. that people can, you know, take this conversation for further? And I mean, I guess that’s kind of connected to like growing an email list, right? Can you talk about, you know how you do that with influencer marketing, any other tips that you know, you can help you because I think email list is still probably the most important thing out there.

Cloris 16:16
It is. Yeah, it’s important because it’s an audience that you control. Right? Regardless, even if your business is local. You still have to have a list of subscribers so you can communicate with them share new offers new happenings. So I see this often, right, people have the opportunity to be featured on a podcast, let’s say, and they go and just share Oh, well, you can go to my website to connect with me. What happens is, uh, you know, only a small fraction of listeners will do that. What is the reason to connect with you? I mean, yes, it might be a reason because they like your message. But do people have time to do that? Maybe not? I probably not. So instead, what if you have a person perfect gift to complement your message, something that maybe you don’t have time to talk about during the interview, and that becomes your lead magnet. So, at the end of the interview, you say, Well, you know, to access my checklist or whatever my list, then go to an A, you give people a way to access your lead magnet, they sign up for it by providing their name, email address, and they are on your list. So now that listener, they already know you, they they know that you have value to offer now they’re getting your lead magnet, they will be engaged subscribers, compare that to somebody who doesn’t know about URL who saw your ad on Facebook, and then they sign up and then they opt out right away because again, they don’t have that relationship with you.

Dave S 17:44
Yep, yep. And I, and I think I can think about multiple times people have reached out to me and like you said, I’d get them every day to you know, these emails that come in and they’re just pretty much spam versus the ones that come in. I had one that guy came in and said, not only did he love fly fishing and the outdoors and he lives In my podcasts, everything, but he was a specialist in Google my, you know, like local Google search. And he said, You know what, I really want to help serve your audience. I love fly fishing, I want to help these companies. So I’d love to come on and teach them how to how to use Google Local Google search and rank their stuff. Number one, I’m like that, sure. let you know what I’ve made. So that it’s like, it’s real obvious when you get a good pitch. And when somebody does it, right, because what you think of is like, why wouldn’t I have you on you’re gonna help my listeners, you’re going to help my audience. So it just makes sense.

Cloris 18:32
Exactly. That’s what it’s all about. So, you know, as you do this on your own, and you’re listening, you know, ask yourself, what is that one thing that resource I can give to the listeners. So they want to stay in touch with me, so they want to join my list. So I can provide even more value. So you know, in the end, it’s all about bringing value to the podcaster to the audience. So everybody wins.

Dave S 18:54
That’s perfect. So you know, we start off at the top, you know, talking about like, The social media stuff and you mentioned that mediums Can you talk about what the key mediums are other than we’ve talked a lot about podcasting, a little bit about blogging? What else are we missing here?

Cloris 19:09
Well, you definitely should consider YouTube channels. You know, especially if you’re an outdoor entrepreneur, you have something that is more visual, I would be great to be featured on a large YouTube channel. And, you know, I know that with the current crisis is, you know, live events are pretty much postponed for the most part, but, you know, I feel like local events are also great ways to feature your services, your products, once they come back, so those are smaller audiences. But at the same time, it’s so intimate relationship that that you get customers and clients you know, my cheesier, right, and then if you go for example, on a podcast, so don’t discount those local in person events. And then guess I mean, social media if you have somebody who has a large Facebook group Usually not necessarily a Facebook page, but a Facebook group. And you could be featured on a live interview in the group. And that would be a great way to reach people. So, you know, social media groups, I would say Instagram, you would have to go with a traditional shout out, which you know, as it is an option, I just remember that people will charge you for this 90% of the cases in the relationship, then it’s your job to take that relationship to the next level. Because otherwise it will be like a one time promotion. So it’s a kind of a different, different medium. And then as I said, Here, as somebody who has a small group of meetup, those are all ways for you to reach ideal customers. So don’t think of just social media, but any content platform, YouTube podcasts, blogs, Facebook groups, you know, Instagram pages, all of those are good mediums for you. And

Dave S 20:59
yeah, I mean, it’s Pretty much the list probably keeps keeps going on and on, right any place where your target, you know, customers might be or I guess LinkedIn is another one, I think about that that’s a pretty decent resources. Is that one that you might be able to connect with people, but that’s more b2b right?

Cloris 21:15
Yeah, that would be more like, if you want to connect with someone one on one for possible joint venture partnership. When I say joint venture, they promote you directly, right, or they send referrals your way, you can definitely create connections through LinkedIn. Okay. LinkedIn is great for a Say for example, you read somebody’s book. And then you want to let them know that you posted a review what you love the most about the book. Surely LinkedIn might be a great way to reach out to the author. Because you know, email usually they don’t get it if it’s a kind of a well known author. But every time I’ve reached out to an author on LinkedIn, I hear back. So those are good ways. And, you know, LinkedIn groups are I feel like they are not as engaged as Facebook groups, but they Still a powerful platform. So if you want to, you know, reach people on LinkedIn, yes, b2b would be great. And that’s the way to go.

Dave S 22:08
Okay, perfect. Well, we’re gonna take it out of here and started just wrapping this thing up with the, what I call the triple threat, the top tip top tool, top takeaway from today. And can you just describe, I know you’ve provided a ton of good tips here. Is there one tip that you would note that we haven’t talked about here as far as influencer marketing?

Cloris 22:28
What I would what I would say Dave is do this on a consistent basis, really create this as a system. That’s something that you do whenever you have time, you know, at the end of the week, or whenever I finish X or Y, but it becomes a system. So you do this on a consistent basis. You get those a series of interviews. At some point, you reach such momentum that you don’t have to do this anymore. Like right now. People reach out to me for interviews. They reach out to me for opportunities to speak on virtual summit. To do joint venture partnerships, so I don’t have to reach out anymore. But I took the time and I put in the reps at the beginning to get this to that point. So if you do the same, if you have that system, you will get to that point, but again, do it on a consistent basis.

Dave S 23:16
That’s, that’s a great tip. And And what about a tool? Any other? Is there a tool out there that can help do what we’re talking about here today?

Cloris 23:24
Well, there’s one tool I would recommend that you have on your website is called up pretty links, pretty links is a plugin. I use it all the time. What I do is that I create a customized link depending on who I’m collaborating with. Because what I like to do is to track the results I get from each appearance from each blog post and so forth. Because why well, if something is working really well, guess what, I want to keep collaborating with this influencer. But if I got you know, three clicks, then obviously the audience didn’t resonate with my message or the influencer doesn’t really promote their content too much. So I don’t really want to keep collaborating with them. So, you know, tracking is key. And this plugin will really help you and it’s free. So

Dave S 24:09
perfect PR. That’s a great one. And then now what would be a takeaway, just from everything we’ve talked about here? is there is there one takeaway, we want to leave this person however, we talked about Chris Snyder at the start, you know, he’s a new guy trying to get going. And I think this would actually be really good for him because he could, he could go on to fly fishing podcast and other places and talk about his local area, and he’s an expert there. What would be the takeaway for him?

Cloris 24:32
my takeaway is to do it right away, like don’t wait until you’ve achieved something special or, you know, you’ve published that fly fishing book or whatever. Just Just do it now. You know, get your message out there. You’re ready. It’s just a matter of delivering value going into this with a value mindset. How can I help the podcaster How can I help the audience and knowing that what you have to offer You know, your services, your products, you created them to help people so is always about value. So just get out there and do this today.

Dave S 25:09
That’s amazing. Amazing. One little random one before we get out here. So we talked about outdoor activities and we have a lot of companies there and in fly fishing Do you have a an outdoor activity you partake in or you like to do anything out there?

Cloris 25:23
I love to be outdoors so I love by sink bicycling, and I love Wow, just walking and hiking and yeah, I just love nature. So yeah,

Dave S 25:33
that’s perfect. Where are you at? What part of the world again?

Cloris 25:37
I’m in Connecticut. So close to the Massachusetts border. There’s a lot of you know, bike trails. And yeah, it’s just a beautiful area where big, big storm just happened. It wasn’t that pretty. But it often is very pretty. Yeah, the whole year.

Dave S 25:54
Yeah, I haven’t been out there. But yeah, I hear a lot of good things about that in that area too. Cool. All right. Hey, anything in the next couple months. I know. We know. Have your book at chloris kailee.com they can find your book any anything else coming up in the next couple of months I want to give a shout out to

Cloris 26:09
what is a be doing a challenge coming up is called the expert kit challenge. And what you do is basically you put together all the elements you need to pitch the podcaster so I think you’re going to get great value out of that so stay tuned and and then after that I’ll be doing a big giveaway with two free courses for people who implement this and other areas of digital marketing and get their message out there online. So yeah, lots of projects coming up.

Dave S 26:38
Yeah, alright cloris I’ll put a link so everything we talked about here so people can connect to you and I know people are gonna love love hearing this one. So I just want to thank you for coming on and sharing your wisdom and all the good stuff I’ll definitely be keeping in touch and join in your your group as well. I want to I want to stay in touch with you. So thanks again. Thank you they’ve today’s takeaway. Get Started. Two day period. Get on this as close as you can. You can start right now you’ve got some good stuff to share. So let’s get it going. If you have a podcast need a little help with editing or podcast production, I’d love to hear from you. You can go to outdoors online.co slash work with Dave and find out more. Can’t wait to connect with you on the next show and help you elevate your business online. Thanks for joining us today and for your support of the marketing podcast. If you found this podcast helpful, please share it with one other person and leave a rating and review on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to the show.

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“It’s about sharing the same message with a different audience.”

-Cloris Kylie

cloris Kylie

Conclusion with Cloris Kylie

Cloris shares her best tips on doing influencer marketing the right way.  And we aren’t just talking about Instagram here.  Cloris describes the exact steps you need in order to make a splash with influencers.

Be consistent and make this a regular process in your workflow.  Don’t wait but start this process this week and get started.

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