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Code 010 – Great Storytelling and Podcasting with Eric Nuzum – Make Noise, NPR

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Great Storytelling and Podcasting

Eric Nuzum, the guy behind some of the biggest podcasts in the world including the Ted Hour, is on the show to share his amazing book Make Noise.  Make Noise teaches you how to become a better podcaster with great storytelling and sheds light on what some of the best interviewers do.  



Show notes with Eric Nuzum

09:00 – Make Noise is the great book Eric wrote about podcasting.  This is one of the best books out on telling a great story and becoming a great interviewer.

21:45 – Deepak Chopra, Ted Podcast, ESPN are some of Eric’s recent clients.  Eric uses the same exercise in the book Make Noise as for these clients.

39:50 – We talk about Fresh Air with Terry Gross and Terry’s love for Jazz.  Eric notes that we don’t have to know everything about the show host.

40:30 – Joe Rogan and Don Imus are examples of two podcasts that are conversation podcasts and not interviews.

41:30 – Dax Sheppard podcast, Dave Ramsey, Bill Simmons is a conversation as well.

47:00 – Terry Gross’ book:  All I Did Was Ask and Howard Stern Comes Again are two great books on becoming a better interviewer.

47:45 – Howard Stern was on Fresh Air here with Terry Gross.

55:00 – Together Apart podcast from the New York Times


You can find Eric at EricNuzum.com.


Resources Noted in the Show

Make Noise is the great book Eric

make noise


All I Did Was Ask by Terry Gross

terry gross


Howard Stern Comes Again

Howard Stearn


Videos and Podcasts Noted in the Show

Howard Stearn on Fresh Air


Joe Rogan Podcast



eric nuzum

Conclusion with Eric Nuzum

Eric Nuzum, who has influenced some of the largest podcasts and companies in the world and who wrote the great book Make Noise shares some great tips on story telling.  You find out how to become a better storyteller and podcast host in this episode.

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